Is it possible to completely remove the dead spot at the bottom?

Or is it there to stay?

My bike runs good except when I snap the throttle open real quick the bike will stall.

Does anyone have any sugestions?


99 WR400, airbox lid removed, throttle stop trimmed, WB Pro Meg & tapered head pipe w/9 disks, YZ timing, DVP needle #4 clip, 178 main jet, 50 pilot jet, pilot screw 1 3/4 turns out.

p.s. I tried a search but most of the old post "could not be found."

look for my article snap & 3/4 throttle response. in it i fit a Pilot Air Jet Screw, this has worked a treat.


What about the acc. pump? Does anyone know what the ideal setting is if you have the adjustable carb. Thanks for all the great jetting input. Mickey

I think the 50 pilot jet is too rich, back off this to a 48 and then make adjustments to pilot screw.

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