Motorcycle Trailers in Arizona

Can anybody suggest a high quality yet inexpensive place to purchase a motorcycle trailer - new or used? I don't need anything enclosed or fancy - just something to pull a couple of bikes around town. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Lewis Hitches (480-786-1516) in Chandler, custom built my high quality trailer, but it was not cheap. Ask for Glenn, he rides dirt bikes and will work with you on any design.

Also try the Cycle Trader.

I have a friend with a decent (not perfect) used trailer in the east valley, I think it's a 5'x 9' with l5 inch rims. He can email photo's of it to you if you want. I think he wants around $550 for it. He is a welder so if you want some mods done to the trailer he can do them for you. He mod-ed the ramp gate on my trailer and did a great job. Give me a call and I'll hook you up with him.



I have a Pickup bed trailer that can be pretty usefull for a lot of things.

Permanent Tags and Spare.




My friend and I went through the same questions not too long ago. We both needed a trailer to tow around a couple bikes (dirt and street) from time to time,and we wanted to spend the least amount possible. However, remember as I did, towing around $5,000 - $10,000 worth of bikes (plus riding gear, gas jugs, stands, etc..), possibly long distances, and at highway speeds, needs to be taken somewhat seriously. A good trailer will pay for itself by helping keep your stuff safe. How much would it cost to fix your bike if it fell off? Anyhow...when I looked I needed something that was well under a $1,000.

The best deal we found was on a 6 x 10 utility trailer from Deer Valley Trailer in north Phoenix (I even drove 50 miles to get it). They are a no frills vendor with tons of trailers. It has steel welded construction, full size tires (remember at 75 mph, big tires have to turn less, plus it ligns up with my 4x4 better) and 1.5 foot high steel railing. It was only $699.00. With a spare tire and permanent tags it is up to a $1000.00.

Now you can find others around $350 - $600 (which are Home Depot assemble your self jobs, or no side rail - 13" tire ones) but the extra $400-$500 you will spend can be recovered when you get hurt at the motorcross track and need to sell the trailer for money. The others will turn into garbage or you will be wanting more very quickly.

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