Any New Ride Reports on GPR 2.0?

Now that the GPR 2.0 has been out a while and some fellow TT'ers have installed them, I and I'm sure others want to hear some reports. What clamp are you running? Anyone mount them to rubber mounts? It raises the bar quite a bit (good because I'm 6'2"), what about bringing the bar to far aft (bad because I'm 6'2")? Does it look like you could swap it between different clamps if you purchase different mounts, or is it one solid piece?

Let us hear it. Thanks.


I have had mine installed about a month now.

I noticed (right out of the box) that all the bolts were loose on the top of the stabilizer and it was seeping oil from several of the holes. No problem...I just tightened them up. After installing it I noticed a dead spot, just off center that had no dampening. I figured it was low on oil (because of the loose bolts) and called GPR for directions on filling and bleeding it. Piece of cake. Dampner works perfect now.

I requested an Applied clamp and ended up with a DH1 clamp. Not a big deal as the DH1 is nice enough. Finish is very nice although the mounting hardware for the WR wiring harness didn't fit quite right. The setup I received won't accept rubber bushings.

Before getting the GPR 2.0 setup, I was using universal clamp adapters and Fly Areo Taper bars, CR high bend. The universal clamp adapters raised the bar mount about half an inch from stock. The GPR 2.0 raised the bars half an inch taller than with the universal clamp setup. I REALLY like this setup with the CR high bend. I'm 6'2" and stand a lot. I don't think at that height the bars are too far back and they feel great to me. Some people might like them a little farther forward and I'm not sure if you can order the clamps with more of a forward mounting position or not.

I like the concept of having the stabilizer out of the way because I use a GPS and Panoram where a traditionallly mounted stabilizer would sit. However, it is a bit difficult to adjust because the adjuster wheel is so stiff and is partially covered by the bar pad (my configuration, anyway.) I don't race so slowing down a bit to adjust the dampening isn't a big deal to me.

Overall, I really like this dampener and am glad I chose to wait for it to go into production. I think the price was a little on the high side as well. I would highly recommended double checking the tightness of the allen bolts holding the stabilizer together before using it.

GPR 2.0 photos Click on the GPR 2.0 link under the photos section to see my setup. :)

Thanks for the reply. I read your previous posts and viewed your pics before starting this that you have had some time on the bike it is good to hear that you don't think the bars are to far aft. I didn't consider that it would be more difficult to adjust the setting with the bar pad...good point. What was the cost for the unit? Does it look like it is interchangable between clamps if you get a different mounting set?


I just put the GPR 2.0 on my Honda 400EX Quad. It looks great and I can't wait to try it out. Randy is awesome and GPR has excellent customer service...

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