magicshine lights

hi anyone ever try the new magicshine 1400 bicycle lights on wr 400? i bought one because of d weak headlight d wr has for night rides, can u please let me know ur personal reviews thanks

that is an LED bike light.

it will have less output and less throw than the stock headlight.

might be good as a HELMET light...but even then, only useful when you are looking in a direction that the headlight is not.

Can't vouch for the Magicshine light (although I recall someone racing baja that liked it as a helmet light), but I have used a 10 watt 800 lumen Cyclops led helmet light for a year or two now and can say for sure that the light is better than the stock head light on a WR even though it pulls 1/3 the power.

I would just make sure that the Magicshine light has a attachment that will work on a off road helmet, rather than just a mountain bike helmet. Hard to beat the price of that.

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