Front No# Plate

What works best for a front number plate on a Wr450.(removing headlight) After market or a YZF plate? Do I need to fab mounting brackets because of the odometer?

fb86f152.jpg i just removed all the hardwear for the light, and the odo. i now have the applied triple clamp. the # plate bolts right up and off with one 8 mm bolt and i then put on the light with 2 zip ties, takes 1 min. i plan to buy one of the digital od, later and squeez it in there. we also did this to my friends 03 450, we just had to move the power swith to the bars and on the tank side. good luck. shipe

The plate look really good on your bike, is it a aftermarket or a YZ stock plate? I like that you can fit 3 numbers on it also. I have those same green chairs in my backyard. :)

Thanks Shipe

the front plat is by acerbis, and it fits the yz 125, 250, yzf 250, yzf 426, yzf 450. years o2 and 03.u probably wouldnt even have to order it, if u have a yamaha shope around. the only thing is the bolt hole wont line up with the stock wr triple clamp, on my friends wr 450 we just yoused a zip tye and it holds really good. if u would like any more info let me know.

I just helped my buddy put a number plate on his WR250f. He has the stock top clamp. The bottom triple clamp has the mounting hole for the YZF plate. For the top mounting we made a bracket out of some aluminum stock ( 3/4" x 1/8") we cut a piece about an 1 1/2" long and drilled two holes about 1" apart. One hole was just a 1/4" hole the other we drilled and tapped for an 8mm x 1.25pitch bolt, the bolt was about 50mm to 60mm. We then used the odo mounting hole (closest to the center of the clamp) to mount the aluminum with the stock odo bolt (using the un-threaded hole)leave hand tight at this point. Then we mounted the plate and took the 8mm bolt and theaded it into the other hole on the bracket. We did run the bolt through a section of tubing between the bracket and top of the number plate mounting hole to prevent the bolt from backing out. This tube should be a few mm longer than the distance between the bracket and the mounting tab, so ther is some tension when tightend. At this point you can now adjust the distance between the plate and the forks by pivoting the bracket on the odo bolt. When you get it where you want it you can the tighten the odo bolt and you are set. If you don't have a tap set you can just run the bolt through the bracket and use a nut on each side. Hope this helps.

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