Need help with my first thumper (07 450)

Hi folks, I started riding again about a year ago and i bought an 02 ktm 300 two smoke. It was a good bike but I started riding some harescrambles and I figured I would go ahead and get something newer.... I came across a good deal on a low hour 07 yz450f so I got it and started lurking around the forrums trying to find out what I needed to get to make this beast a little more woods friendly. Here is what I've done so far

First thing I did was get a jd jetting kit because my bike was a little hard to start and this helped but it still seems to take a few kicks when the bike is hot to get it going again. Four stroke blues i guess

Second was the gearing, I went to a 51 tooth sunstar and this made a large improvment in the woods.

Third was a flywheel weight, I ordered the gyrt 9.2 ounce but have yet to use it because of reasons i will explain later.

I also did the normal stuff like new tires and chain because the bike had all the original stuff on it. (really low hour)

Now for the help part. I raced a harescramble last week and was in the lead untill the last quarter mile of the race. I crashed on a hill and CRUSHED the header pipe.( fww showed up after the race so that is why I havnt tried it out yet) I was wondering if I should try to find an oem takeoff pipe or if I should go ahead and get an aftermarket complete system like the dr.d or fmf. I know you cant decide if its worth it for me but I would like to know if any of these kits made a REAL difference in the woods/low end power. This bike has tons of topend so I could sacrifice some if it helped the lowend.

Also this bike is really harsh in the fast rocky sections and I was considering getting the suspension redone. There's a local guy that sells the Smart performance stuff and it is pretty affordable so I was wanting some opinions on woods riding suspension mods.

Any suggestions would be great, even on other issues I havent covered. I plan to get the most out of this bike I can and any mods that will make it better mannered in the tight single track would be appreciated.

As far as the exhaust goes:

On the suspension, be sure your SMART installer is attuned to your desire to use it as a woods bike. The basic "Dell Taco" kit as issued is originally designed as an MX solution, and it's excellent for that and high speed desert/off-road riding, but needs a tweak or two for lower speed woods riding. Very doable, but the tuner needs to know up front.

thats what im thinking on the exhuast. Ill probably get the dr.d kit. The suspension guy is a ktm guru and just started working on the blue bikes. He sets them up for woods, there are 10 or so guys around here that are running the smart setup and none have comlplained. I can get a full front and rear kit installed for around 300 bucks so its kind of a no brainer.

I'm not saying the SMART kit won't work. Far from it, just that it needs a very slightly different setup for woods and off-road than for MX. I run it on mine and couldn't be happier with it.

Heard awesome things about DaveJ, going to consult him when I'm ready.

I also run the Smart Kit in my 06 YZ450 and I mainly ride in the sticks. Its a great kit and has worked well for me.

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