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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President

Bush indicated Wednesday he opposes extending marriage rights to homosexuals, saying he believes marriage "is between a man and a woman."

Should marriage be legally defined as only a union between a man and a woman?

Right now its yes 54%

no 46%

Please go to the site below and VOTE! CNN is trying to prove the President wrong on his anti-gay-marriage stand, and we are barley winning.

Forward it on to your friends. This poll will be used by CNN to show how "out of date" the President is.


So what's the right answer here?

My wifes sister has always been gay and although it took the family a while they've finally accepted it.

Although it goes against everything I was taught by my folks and the church, who am I to say this type of behavior is wrong.

I certainly don't want my children to accept it as right, but we can't hide the truth from them either.

I can't vote on a matter where I feel one is advocation and the other is condemnation of something as sensitive as this.

I'd hate to be a Congressman or a Senator who had to vote on a Bill of this magnitude. It could cost you re-election and support no matter which way you voted.

I'm curious to see how other TT members and the citizens of the USA feel about this.

We all have a right to oppose gays. It's not something that will be tolerated in my life. I think that the moment we turn our heads and say this thing is okay for them and that it's not our place to say no, we allow our own rights and beliefs to be overriden by a few louder voices. Screw that. Living queer is wrong.

A fella once told me, "It's only perverted if you don't do it everyday." It is perverted and I won't put myself in a position to let it happen around me everyday.

Just one of my soapboxes...Thanks for letting me vent.

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I completely agree with RunAnywhere.

I had a girlfriend whose mother decided to become a lesbian after ten years of marriage and two kids. One day she's a normal mother and homemaker and the next she's a rug muncher, shacked up with another woman. It took the entire family by complete suprise. I remember what a struggle it was for my girlfriend to deal with that.

I don't approve of or condone homosexuality and all that it involves. If people want to engage in that kind of activity, fine; just do it in the privacy of your own home. Don't push it in our faces all the time. What I'm talking about is this push for gay marriages and such. Anyone hear about 'Gay Days' at Disneyland? So much for a nice family atmosphere. What about 'Gay Pride Week'? Give me a break. Please, shut the closet door.

My buddy accused me of being a closet Honda rider once. I assured him I'm a heteroWR450ual. :)

I know, let's have a WR450 pride week! :D

I will not respond on this from a biblical perspective, I will respond to this with a factual Secular perspective.

I am curious as to what constitutes normal in society today?

So if we look at Down Syndrome birth defects, would you say that this is a normal birth when you see the ratio of defects when it occurs in one in every 800 - 1000 live births. So if the world population is at 6 Billion (PLease someone do the math) my math is worse then my spelling, what is the percentage of DS births.

Lets not get into a philosophical debate on what is truth or what is normal, That is just an ignorant way to not respond to a valid question.

So with that according to the Kinsey report in the 50's that 10% of the population are exclusively gay. BUt that myth has now been debunked and the report was not totally factual. Kinsey added to the mix to get 10% men who had at least one gay encounter in there life but in fact were not gay. So the numbers were Cooked.

Factually less then 1% of the worlds population is gay. Dont believe me do the research. Depending on the region that surveys are taken by gay advocates there estimates would be much higher. For instance, the survey of population for gays in San Fran is going to be allot higher then the same survey in lets say Noplace, Ioha.

No I ask you if less then 1% of the worlds population is gay is it still normal

Answer at 11 :)

Just food for thought.

Hate the Sin Love the Sinner Ops I got religion in there :D

Sorry gentlemen,

I have too many friends, men and women, that are gay. All of them would love to fit in the "normal" society. They are not making a choice in this.

To understand their lack of choice, you have to ask your self how much choice you have in being attracted to the opposite sex.

In my book the President is outdated. I understand the religious aspect of this, and I understand the distaste aspect of this, but, They are not hurting anyone with their lifestyle. Thus I couldn't and wouldn't condemn them or deny them rights.

Racemile :)

If I was born a woman I would be a Lesbian, no doubt about it.

I'm jelous of any woman who gets more cooter than I do....

It just ain't right.....

Bonzai :)

If I was born a woman I would be a Lesbian, no doubt about it.

- :):D :D :D :D-that's EXACTLY what my best friend says :D :D :D

Does anybody wonder where this country will be when no moral value will be found P.C.? While my few gay aquantinces talk about how they love to watch HBOs QAF and what they do to the schoolboys on that show, I sure am glad my boys won't be having a gay scout master if they ever join Boy scouts. I am very tolerant, but can't we save anything for the American hetro family.

I am surprised that this topic is relevant to this forum.

we are going to 4 sets of toilets s/m,g/m,s/w,g/w, i would feel as uneasy pissing next to a gay man as awoman would pissing in the mens toilet.

but then Im straight and what i think doesent matter

From what I've read here both for and against, it looks like people are answering based on whether or not they approve of gayness, but isn't the question strictly about the legal status of their marriages? Like 'em or not I can't think of one good reason they shouldn't have all the legal benefits and responsibilities of marriage.

As for CNN's vote or wondering if 1% popular gayness is normal, screw that! A republic and a solid constitution is for the precise purpose of guaranteeing that a minority doesn't get screwed out of their rights (or shirk their obligations) because the majority wants it that way.

If you believe some people here, over 25 million American Indian and Alaskan Natives are abnormal and it's morally right to screw them however we like because they only add up to 0.9% of the population.

When is the last time anyone has seen a 2 bull moose locking horns over another bull then the winner slams him in the meadow.

Homosexuality is a choice.

People aren't born with the desire to snap their finger back and forth with their other hand on their hip.

I with they would put an "instant graemlin" that vomitted.


I with they would put an "instant graemlin" that vomitted.


Here you go


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