2010 2011 YZ450f Fork Height Survey

Just wanted to see where everyone is running their forks in the clamps? Mine are flush with the bottom of the top cap, no leg showing. I'm running at least 5mm on my 05 YZ125 and feel like it still turns better than the '10...could just be a 125 vs. 450 thing though.

Where you guys at and why?

I've left it alone.

Recently I've run my static and race sag on this bike weighing myself at 200lbs. Front it almost spot on and the rear is too stiff, this bike was deg sprung for a heavier rider in mind. With that point made I'm going to get the springs right for the front and rear before I start playing with fork height.

flush for the wide open sand track and up 5mm for the tighter hard pack track. Note: up 5mm on the wide open sand track is almost unrideable... holy headshake!!!

You think the bike was set for heavier than 200 lb rider ?? What ? !

i am 175 and had to tweek the rear sag just a touch

Depending on the track/terrain and where I set final rear sag setting, the fork height is slid up anywhere from 2 to 4mm.

pro circuit linkage arm installed and the forks raised up in the clamp about 1/4 inch, sag set at 100, best stock suspension I've ever sat on...

Raised mine 5mm up today and it made a big difference to me. It turns a bit quicker which is nice but it it has a lot more bite on the front wheel. The added front wheel traction removed the knife in tendency I was feeling. Great adjustment!

You think the bike was set for heavier than 200 lb rider ?? What ? !

i am 175 and had to tweek the rear sag just a touch

Yea I kno, rear spring is just one or two sizes too stiff and the front is just about spot on. My race sag on the front is off by about 10mm.

There's more info here on this;


I will admit that when I did the rear sag measurements I was not standing, but sitting. I might take both the front and rear again standing with my gear on and see if the measurements differ...

I've tried raising my works up in the clamps anywhere from 3-5mm and the resulting headshake just made the bike almost unrideable. My sag seems to best right at 102-103mm. Note that my bike has a full revalve and different rear spring rate for my 165lbs.

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