GPR Stabilizer

I've got a GPR on my WR450 and it's awesome. It makes a huge difference in steering stability, especially in looser conditions - such as sand or loose gravel.

I think you'll be happy.They are nice in the sand and mud. :) Did you get the GPR 2.0?

When I first got my XR650R it was so stable I really thought putting on a stabilizer wouldn't make much of a difference. I was able to get a good deal from another ThumperTalk member and put his GPR on my scoot. WOW! Very noticable in a great way. Just takes the bike to a higher level. I also have a CR500R. Talk about a bike with head shake when you are flat out in a sand wash! :D I just put a brand new GPR .1 on it as well and took it out last weekend with Poway Rider and our other assorted riding Bros. It has totally changed the bike! Stock gearing on the CR can get you to 85-89 mph. Flat out through whoops or sand washes this thing tracks straight. NO SHAKE! All confidence. I now posess a lethal 1-2 punch for Open Class Power Nirvana. It don't get better than this! You made a great choice. GPR's and the guys that make them are GREAT! Their customer service is Great! You know...Like Tony Da Tiger...

Rokatt Report, Over & Out :)

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