Tire size for WR426

I was looking for a new tire for my WR426. Right now it still has the stock Dunlop 739 110/100x18. I'm looking at getting a Dunlop D952 but it only comes in 120/90x18 or 110/90x18. Any info and pros and cons of either size appreciated.

Check out this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=966865

I have been using the 120 size for my last few tires on my WR426 and I prefer it over the stock 110, and don't worry there is plenty of clearance. So far I have been happy with the 120/90x18 952 and would recommend it.

Maxxis Desert IT, 120/100= Love it, no probs.

Thanks, just wanted to be sure the 120 would be ok. :thumbsup:

will the bike be any slower with the smaller tires i also have the wr426 and im looking for new tires thanks 

FWIW, I didn't like going bigger than the stock size.  The tire would rub on the inside of my FMF Q pipe and also hit the chain (properly tensioned), tearing off chunks.  I went up one size from 120/90-18 to 130/80-18 (they size differently, so 120/90 = 110/100 = stock) using Michelin S-12s and I much prefer sticking with the stock size.  I think the bike actually turns better with the stock size.  Admittedly, I also had the suspension done for the 2nd time n (different shop too) when going back to stock size, so that may be the bigger factor for turning.

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