Removing clutch basket?

I have to remove the clutch basket to get to my kick start on my 03 WR450F. What do you use to hold the basket for removal? I do not have the clutch holding tool. Thanks!

If you're only replacing/servicing the kickstart mechanism, you don't need to remove the clutch basket. Just leave the clutch where it is and remove the side cover. You'll only need to remove the clutch if you're replacing the kickstart stopper. If that's the case, remove the pressure plate and leave all the clutch frictions and steels in place. Put the bike in gear and hit it with an impact wrench. That should do the trick. In the absence of an impact wrench, you might be able to press on the clutch stack with one hand and quickly snap your ratchet with the other. If that doesn't work, get the holding tool. Achieving proper torque upon re-assembly will be difficult without it.

Got ya bg10459. Thanks!

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