to buy or to wait

Delima, help! I'm getting a surprise $5k tax return (YAHOO!!) which puts me in a delima. I need a new YZ, and our house needs new storm shutters. Of corse responsibility tells me to get the storm shutters....but.. do I get a 2001 426 now since it seems to be very good and take a loan for the shutters, or do I chance that the 2002 model will be at least as good as the 2001 and get the shutters right away and the bike later..?.. I will be racing in a class where year-to-year differences probably won't matter much so by "as good as the 2001" I really mean as reliable. I'm iffy about first year models if it's vastly changed. Basically I had planned to get both shutters and a bike later, but the surprise tax refund makes it possible to squeeze a bike in now if there is any reason to worry about the 2002 model. Then again I tell myself that every year they just get better so.. Ugh! Someone straiten me out please! Thanks!! :)

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I live by the motto "You only LIVE once!"

Pull the trigger, November is a loooooooong way away, FU*K the damn shutters!!! :)


I agree...If I were you "I would strike while the iron is HOT" I would go get an 01' YZ426, because they are great bikes and are a blast to ride! I wouldnt trust the 02' YZ450F personally, but im sure others would disagree! The bikes are getting SOOO fast these days...and the bike is not going to be the winning factor in a race, it will come down to the skill of the rider! So bring the new 450's ready! LOL



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I'd wait for the 2002.

I died in a head on collision over a jump when I was seventeen. People said my personality changed, but it was an improvement. The notion that you live only once is just a myth........ :)


Holeshot's Page

Don't you think you should get a loan against the house for the shutters and 01 bike?...then bank or invest the tax refund?

Then in one year, decide if you want to upgrade based on reviews of the 02 model with the new vaule of the 00 tax return.

The greatest loss would be not purchasing the 01 bike while waiting for the 02.

Isn't the saying, "You live a long time, but you only die once?"

To be a whole year without riding just to wait for a rumor? Get the bike and paint the shutters. So the homeowners association will bark at ya. That's when you start up the 426 and bark at them.


Originally posted by daveyg:

Isn't the saying, "You live a long time, but you only die once?"

To be a whole year without riding just to wait for a rumor? Get the bike and paint the shutters. So the homeowners association will bark at ya. That's when you start up the 426 and bark at them.


" Praise the LORD, and Thump the Homeowners! "

I couldn't say it any better!


YZ426 Kicks

G-Man bought my 1974 Suzuki 90 off me but it's too much bike for him. He could make you a really good deal on it and you could also get the shutters with the left over dough. Just a thought :)


can you ride shutters ? Nope

can you ride a 01-426 ? Yesssss

can you jump shutter ? Nope

can you jump a 01-426 ? yesssss

will shutters make you forget a nagg'n wife ? nope

will a 01-426 make you forget a nagg'n wife ? Yesss

will shutters make you stronger ? nope

will a 01-426 make you stonger ? yessss

Do shutters throw flames, pop , bang and make your heart pound ? nope

Does a 01-426 throw flames,pop,bang and make your heart pound ? yesssss

I could go on and on but lets face it , those shutters just aren't much fun, are they

besides who needs shutters, with the 01-426 you can outrun the storm anyway.

nope nope noooooooo reason to thank me, I just love to help. :-)


As far 01 vs 02. I would never wait for a bike. If I need a bike I go get it. 9 times out of 10 there is not that much difference in the years. I can go just as fast on my buddies 00 426 as my 01 426 and I would not be any faster on a 02 4XX. In fact, if I waited for one I will be slower from sitting on my duff.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C


Dude - that's poetry. I couldn't agree with you more.


The shutters will always be there. You can't say that about the 01'426. You've waisted enough time - go get that damn bike.



Thanks everyone, your thoughs were pretty much in line with my own. As soon as I get it I will post my address so that anyone feeling pitty can donate to help me fund my divorce lawyer. :) YAHOO I'm going riding!!

Sirthump, I'm wondering what's wrong with you that you even had to ask? And they say there are no dumb questions.

Just pokin fun at ya a little!


John E. Walker


Just curious, what type of response were you expecting?? I think you just needed us to push you over that edge. Great decision, enjoy!!!



Don't let the other half talk you out of it !

You will spend so much time in the garage with the new bike , you won't even notice she's not there.


Is that Suz still available ? I think the wife would like that , and we know its way to much bike for G-man

MXOldtimer said it all - emotionally. I FEEL the exact same way.

However I THINK you should do what is best for your family and home first. Thumpers are thinkers.

I say find a strategy that fits them both in. If not, go with what your family thinks is best. Your ride will be sweeter when it actually occurs.

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