lost race cause 426 sputtered for a lap then died

I was running mid pack over 30 moto, feeling great racing bunch of x- pros, and the yama 426 started acting like it was running out of gas, popping and bogging, id have to give it gas in corners with clutch pulled so it wouldnt die, so finally died and i got passes. took me awhile to start ended up last place sucked.

more info, clean air filter, running super from shell, bike has been ridin alot and ive never been into the motor, starts good ??? checked for exaust leaks around head and nothing,has the mighty 426 finnally worn out?

sounds like a carb problem or ignition, check for fire first

Check to see if you liost your Mixture screw. Happened to me in a race and I thought I blew the damn motor up.


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