Fork height

Hey all experienced 426 motocross racers, What height are you running your fork tubes at on fast sandy/loamy tracks? I'm using stock springs with an added 5cc fork oil. I've been using mine raisec 3mm up in the clamps, down from 6mm . 3 working good but struggling on this particular track.


The world loves talent but, pays off on character.

Flush on fast, 5mm on tight.

Watch the rear sag.

The shock high compression adjustment affects the attitude of the bike alot also. Try it at 1/2 turn more out.

I am running 5mm more preload and oil at 100mm, about 20mm more than stock.

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Thanks F-Piolt. Good to chat with you again. I'M pretty consistent with my sag between 95 an 98 mm. Ive been running harescrambles but now I'm doing more mx. Trying to adjust my bike back for mx. 6mm tube ht. perfect for woods but I"m constantly lowering them. I'll try flush next ride.


The world loves talent but, pays off on character.


BTW - I love that talent/character thing. Very wise.

So I wanted to add that you need to consider front pre-load into your equation. Or what you could call "front sag". Spring rates have to be considered as well, but that's another story.

The overall effect of sag and suspension height is a matter of achieving the right balance that is optimal for your riding condition. Right?

Therefore, you could have the forks up real high, but if you have little or no pre-load on the front, (or a soft spring) it's just going to sag down and be too low. Or of course, the opposite or too much pre-load could cause an imbalance as well.

Measure front sag with a zip tie around the fork tube. Use this measurement as a reference to gauge adjustments. Balance will be noted when the front end either slides or pushes.

I run my forks at 8mm, but I also run 10mm of preload, and I run a .47 spring as well. So my specs would do you no good.

Make sense?


Dave J., what you say makes sense;I understand what you are saying;however i'm not sure how you set front fork sag. Are you talking about shims + or -? Tube height or springs to set how far they settle under rider weight?


The world loves talent but, pays off on character.

There are shims that go under the springs, between springs and cartridge. Most springs have a spec one how much pre-load they can take. Most are 10mm.

BTW- I seldom hear talk of front sag in the dirt-bike world. Perhaps "pre-load" is general enough. In either case, it's worth noting when you're fine tuning.

Hope this helps.


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