YZ426 won't roll backward in neutral...

Hey guys Im new to ThumperTalk but not to bikes but I have an issue that has got me stumped...

Went riding yesterday on my 2001 426 It has a little work done (cam mod exhaust, yadda yadda, the usual) and when i went to pull it off the trailer at home (1st time I had gone backward since pulling it off at the beginning of the ride) it acted like it was stuck in gear but it wasn't... Ive checked the chain and sprockets, pulled the wheel and the drive sprocket still does the same thing, rolls backward about hald a turn and stops as if it is in gear. If i gently bump it by hand it will get past where it is hanging up. I draned the oil to check for shavings andit looked great not burnt or dirty at all... anybody got a clue!!!!!?????

Remove the chain and try it again. If it rolls freely it's inside the cases. If it hangs up, it's in the rear wheel or the chain somewhere. It could be that you had a stick stuck in the sprocket, or it has bad wheel bearings. Pull the chain first, that's the cheapest test you can do.

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