YET- another cam question

bike - 2002 WR426/444 13.5:1

went to get head assembled and builder stated i should look into some cams, as mine have some corrosion.

though this has been on a budget i really need to find a set of replacements. he told me to look into some 06yz cams... but from what i can tell...

04-08 wr/yz intake cams are same

03-05 exhaust cams are different

06-08 exhaust cams are different.

need some help here as i have a forum member willing to part with some 2008 YZ cams that are pristine.

i know im going to gain the auto decomp-

BUT are the exhaust cams just different to produce some more top end on the yz?

thanks all in advance

  1. If you use both the intake and exhaust cam from any 450, you will be unable to set the cam timing except by using a degree wheel because the 450 cam timing marks don't line up in the 426 head.
  2. The '08 YZ450 is a top end engine, and you would loose much of the smooth low end performance of your WR.

You are far better off buying a pair of Hot Cams made for the 426.

~anyone else?~

Yeah, I'll completely disagree with Greyracer and they will fit perfectly and are a great improvement so get 'em just so you hear what you wanted to hear!!!!

You asked a direct question about whether it would work or not and he stated facts. Not much more anyone can add to that. The info on changing to a YZ exhaust cam has been covered way too many times to repeat. Search, my friend, is your friend.

What else are you looking for? A good deal isn't a deal unless it's something you can use. So even though you found cams they may as well be Kawasaki ones as they are NOT a direct drop in replacement for your 426. Sorry!


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