FWW install ?

I'm installing my GYTR flywheel weight, and lo and behold I don't have an open end wrench that fits on the weight itself :thumbsup: can someone tell me the size so I can pick one up at crappy tire? Also, what is the best way to lock everything up to undo/ tighten it all up? Any help is appreciated.

OK, I'll play the guessing game and assume that you have an '06-'09, and that you are talking about the open end required to hold the flats of the flywheel (not a weight). it's 19mm (which is .748", so a 3/4" works perfectly well. Must have a pretty minimal set of tools, hmm?

Yeah, sorry it's an 08. I have a tonne of tools, just not this one apparently. Thank for the help Grey :thumbsup:

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