Need yz450 10 pegs!!!

hey guys, i want to put some yz450 pegs on my cr500. yes i know there are some mods to do but i know for the most part they fix.

i want the pegs that are on the "10-11" models. are they the same pegs as on the 09 model?

They fit the same as my 08s did on my 2011 , so im sure the 09 will fit as well . just a note theyre pretty standard looking feeling wide pegs is all i can say bout the 2011 pegs >>>and they need sharpening

yeah my mate has a 10 model and i love those pegs. are the 08s the same size and shape? i was worried they may be smaller.

i think the 2010+ are just a touch lower(the same height as 2007) than the 2008-09.

i was just about to start a thread on this just as I got on TT, weird..

I notice that suzuki and yamaha pegs are sold to fit either one.

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