Spring rate question

I have a chance to buy some stiffer fork springs. They are .47 kg/mm and I really need to go as stiff as I can since Im 238 lbs.


Does anyone think they will make a big difference since I am arleady running stock 99 YZ400 springs in my WR? (.46kg/mm I think)

I dont really want to waste a bunch of money unless they will really help.

I checked the archive and someone said WR's are .42kg/mm? Is that right?

Please advise, I hate to pass up on this deal if they would work better for me.

p.s. I ride B class and ride mostly rocky, rough, terrain.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven


i could be wrong but the springs on the 98/99 were a bit soft at about 42 or 43. i weigh 200lb's & the 46's i fitted in my '99er are great-correction perfect!

if you have a 99 you have 42 springs so the jump to 47's will be great. you may wish you had one weight up but i would save the money & take these.

good luck.



I replaced my fork springs a long time ago - .48s if I remember correctly. I tip the scales at 250 - you should be fine with the .47s


I agree, I cant go wrong with a heavier spring, but do you think .1 kg is really going to make that much of a difference? (Remember Ive been running stock YZ springs .46)

Seems like my forks are still pretty harsh in rocks and roots. (frequent bottoming)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

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