Hatfield/McCoy trailride Aug. 15 & 16


Spent Saturday riding Bear Wallow. My first time there and I recommend it for those who haven't been. I usually don't heap praise on people and places but in this case its deserving. This place is TOP NOTCH :) Stayed at the Devil-Anse Campground and the fella at the 4 Way Market was the best. My buddy forgot his helmet of all things and the guy let him borrow one of his for the day. Everybody was super nice on and around the trails. Rode most of the west and east trails. The black and yellow marked trails were my favorites Very rocky and rough with some long fairly steep uphill grades, kinda what I am used to. The blue and green made for some good speed. I'm definately going back!

Well, if you could make it back this coming weekend we'ld be glad to have ya ride with us. We need a little color blue splashed in with the Red and Yellow.

I agree it's a great place. We've been there one other time, last year, after riding there you always have a desire to go back. It's a seven hour drive for me to get down there but it's worth it. :)

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