2009 yz450f clarke tank

I had a few questions about installing the 2.6 tank. Do I need to install 2 petcocks or just one. Also do I just drill through the holes that are there, there are holes on each side with threads in them. Thanks I am a newb with this so any help would be appreciated.

You only "need" one, and if you use only one, I recommend the left side. Also, it works a lot better if you spring for a petcock from an '05 or earlier model because the fuel line will be pointed back toward the carb when the petcock is mounted facing out. With the Clarke, there isn't clearance to turn the valve around backward.

And yes, just drill through the dimples in the tank for the fuel ports, and use the Clarke supplied gaskets. Be really careful not to use bolts that will bottom out in the holes; they will get stuck and the inserts will spin free.

If using two petcocks, use the '06+ style and route the line over the intake to a "T". Be careful to keep the line off the pipe by a half inch at minimum.

If you find that it's hard top get the shrouds to fit the radiators, try this:


Thanks a lot for the reply. If I only put the petcock on the left side, does the fuel have a problem making it from the bottom right to the petcock. Thanks.

Yes, if you run it down to that level, a certain amount of fuel will want to stay on the right side, but if you need it, to can tip it over to the left. I suggest that you stop first, though.

Also what size holes do you recommend to drill into the tank?

Something large enough for the petcock screens to pass through.

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