OT-- New boot break-in

Just got a new pair of Tech-8's. Does anyone know a good way to break them in so they're comfortable and look good. I want them to last.

Wear them around. Just walk around the house with them on if you just want to break them in before you ride in them.

Also, you can put some Mink Oil on them to soften up the leather. (what little leather there is on them anymore)

Tech 8's need no break in to be comfortable. If your's aren't comfy right out of the box, you bought the wrong size or have them on the wrong foot! I have been wearing mine for a year, and have never done anything but pull the booties out to dry between rides. Maybe need to clean where the adjusters slide in and out, they are getting harder to adjust lately. These boots are sweet. :)

Oldbones, I got the right size they are just very stiff as expected. Hoped somebody had good break-in technique

The technique that I use is what my dad taught me to do. I just go and do a little walking in a dry riverbed or creek. Walking over all of the rocks and such loosens them up fine. Or if thats not working for you, you can always try going up and down some stairs. But as mentioned before, Tech8's are comfy outa the box, maybe a bit around the house would do the trick.

I just sat and watched tv on a day off in the winter. The wife wore her whole outfit :D They were Christmas presents to ourselves :)

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