09 yz450f adjustable fuel mixture screw install

I have a 09 yz450f and want to put in a moose adjustable fuel mixture screw...well i cant get it to screw out. Do I have to take the bowel off and unscrew it, then start the moose mixture screw, then tighten up the bowel. Thought i could tilt the carb and unscrew the mixture from underneath..didnt really want to have to take the bottom of the carb off...any suggestions??

I was able to do my 08 with nothing more than than the motion pro carb tool. I comes with the right size and length screwdriver. You just need to make sure the oring comes out with it. Some have said they had to rotate the carb to get in to the screw but I didn't have any trouble. It took about 5 minutes just make sure you screw it in all they way and count the number of turns before you remove the original mixture screw.

If you can't get a screwdriver on it, you just need a different screwdriver. If you can't get it to unscrew all the way out, it probably has come free of the threads and is hanging in the O-ring. Just pull it out from there. You should find a spring, then a washer, then an O-ring.

Mine was a pain to get out. I used the MP tool as well, but it wouldn't come out completely. Ended up having to loosen the bowl a tad, and it fell right out into my hand. It looked like some excess casting material on the carb was holding it back, and just a bit more room was all it needed. Try it out...

Thanks guys..I ended up dropping the bowel to get thr original mixture scew out..at least i didnt have to take the sub frame off again..lol

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