I think the big question here is if the sponsers will let impersonation of a police officer slide? If they don't his career is over.

Personally, I think he was probably fooling around not realizing that impersonating an officer is a big deal. I don't know if it's a felony where he lives, but he'll have the best lawyer and I'm sure that he'll be able to get out of any hard time or permanent records. We'll know what's going on probably before next race.


did he get a little to big for his britches or what?? I hope he's dropped like a hot rock!! Guess the "Fastest Man on the Planet" couldn't out run the PO-PO.


Goes to show what he's doing during the week when he should be practicing....

I really like JS in which he started out with nothing, his parents were pretty much broke, and he was clearly the under-dog but grew up to be a multi-championship pro! It seems however that he just doesn't care enough, particularily this year, he's ****ed the dog more than a few times now....

His buddy isn't much of an influence either, if you watch the show all he does is party and get him to dick around all the time.

Sometimes you have to lose what you take for granted before you can really appreciate it again. Maybe it's JS's time to lose his fame and go straight to the back of the bus for once and realize how bad he's F*ing up. Maybe then he'll take this sport more seriously, and give fans like me something to cheer about again.

MotoGangsta, it was only a matter of time, now where did I put that racecard lol

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