2006 KTM 250 SXF - Kickstart Shaft Replacement

The grooves/splines on my kickstart shaft are stripped out. I think it is time to replace the kickstart shaft. Does anyone know where I can get a repair manual? Does anyone know how to replace the kickstart shaft?



thats an easy fix, just take off the right side to access it...as I type Im thinking it may require removing the clutch hub tho, cant remember for sure, sorry

I have ordered a new kickstart shaft, kickstart lever, and kickstart shaft seal. I guess I will just start unbolting the right side near the shaft and see what it looks like underneath. I hope it is an easy fix.


first remove the waterpump cover and cirlip an impelor and steel drive pin. . remove all site cover bolts and pull the cover of the engine , dond,t let the waterpomp shaft come out of the engine when you pull of the cover . . best thing to do is set the engine in tdc with the timming marks on the cams sign together. when the shaft come out you have to time it again,so hold it in place in the engine. .

Can't over emphasize what speed said about the WP shaft, I hold it down with my thumb while pulling on the cover

Once the cover is off Kstart lifts out easy but as you put it together there is a center punch mark on the gear that goes in first that MUST be in alinement with the spring hole drilled into the shaft, if not in aline the starter will engage at the wrong point

Thanks for the help. Next Monday is when i expect delivery of the shat. I may have more specific questions then.

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