Timing Problems

okay so i have another thread refering to this but i figured id make another just regarding this subject. How exactly do you set the timing on a 2006 yz450f. Ive read alot of threads and theyve just confused me more.

The cam timing is all that you can set. With the engine at TDC, place the exhaust cam so that one of the two timing marks is at 9:00 o'clock and the other at 12:00, then line the 9:00 o'clock mark up even with the cam cover gasket flange on the head. Then place the intake cam so that one mark is at 12:00 and the other at 3:00 (If it has three marks, one marked E and the other I, the I mark goes at 3:00 o'clock). Line the 3:00 mark up with the head as before.

Then install the chain tensioner, rotate the engine slightly backwards, then forward again to TDC and double check.

See page 4-27 in the manual. No manual?


alright...cool thanks. I do have a manual but its so vague i had a hard time understanding and it says nothing about turning it backwards...what the reason for that?

The engine rotates forward, and pulls the cams along as it does so. Rolling forward into the TDC position duplicates the dynamic that takes place as the engine runs more accurately.

Also bear in mind that the marks will almost never line up perfectly. If you think they are off one way or other, visualize what the mark would look like one tooth either way from where it is. If it doesn't look closer that what you have, what you have is right.

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