wr426 rims

so i got a wr426 last weekend. it has a street title, but i need to install blinkers hi beams, and a few other things before i'm ready to pass a MA inspection.

i need tires. it came with some awesome knobbies, but they are not DOT. i am thinking i can get a second set of wheels, so that i can switch from street to dirt with no compromises. so what rims will fit? i am interested in supermoto wheels, but i know nothing about them. the front hub has the speedometer cable, what can i do about that? if i get supermoto wheels is there some way to make the speedometer work?

As far as I know, the WR wheels are all compatible up to 2003. The only change after that was a different brake rotor, which you could easily switch to one that will fit your bike. You can use a YZ wheel but you need different spacers and seals to eliminate the speedo drive. I don't know about SM wheels.

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