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not much to say now. no one here

Sorry Ossi, I'm a little slow. My kid goes off to college in 3 weeks. After that we should meet up and run the skis

Anybody out there??? Thinking about getting a couple of stand up jetskis for next season. Haven't been out on one in about 25 years, had a 650 back in my early teens. My brother is scared of getting hurt on a bike, so I figure if I had a couple of jetskis it would give us something to do together...and hopefully I can drag a buddy or two out from time to time. Looking at CL, there seems to be a lot of really good deals on 90's and earlier skis.

Few questions . . .

I live in the San Fernando Valley, where are the best places to go for a day or weekend trip that are jetski friendly (not limiting you to a football field sized area like Castaic did back in the day)? What do parking/launch fees look like these days?

What should I look to spend for a couple of decent jetskis that would be dependable? And what are the key items to check when looking at used skis?

Storage . . . what should I expect to pay to store a couple of skis each month?

For me and a lot of people you can arguably go with a Yamaha Super Jet 701. I would go with a '96 or up (round nose). I am biased however. Stick with the kawi if you want. The SJ is a lighter craft and can really move well. I have ridden both but not her to sell one or the other.

Just be sure to get something that is already modded. You will want/need something with more kick in the end so you may as well start there. There are a lot of them out there and as we all know it is cheaper in the long run to get something modded.

The basic things you want are upgraded plate, grate, impeller and exhaust at minimum. The other stuff you can add later if you still need to but that will usually get you started. Foot holds and new traction are good to add at some point and don't cost too much other than time. Be patient and wait for a good one to come along, they are out there and it is a good time to buy as the season winds down (at least here where it gets cold).

If you can, take it for a water test. Something that might run great on land for a few seconds may have issues in the water.

DO A COMPRESSION TEST. Anyone should be happy to let you check that. If they don't, walk. You can tell a lot by that and if the jugs are fairly even or not. Run it on a hose if you can.

You can get 550's for next to nothing lately. I have one its a super fun ski and parts are readily available.

550'S 91 and up(silver motor) are reed engines, look for those.

I have a few, hell I have had all the stand ups

love that 550 Reed motor

Its a real shame kawi dont make a stand up anymore.Id love to have one but Im not spending anymore then 6 grand new

Even used SXR's are going for 5k around here. Don't even bother with trying to find an SJ that's 2002 or newer.

This thread died fast. I want a standup it's getting hit here in Temecula area, how much is a 550 going for?

Check your local craigslist. Here in northern NV, a good used 550 goes for 800 on up

I rode a Square nose and liked it better then a round nose and they are cheaper

Thats the SJ I rode and really liked that ski.

You really can't go wrong with an SJ. Be sure it has at least a good pipe on it then add impeller, plate and grate if not already upgraded.

Took the 650 to Pyramid yesterday, nice mid week glass run. No one out there.

Took the 650 to Pyramid yesterday, nice mid week glass run. No one out there.

Never ridden pyramid. Only float tube with my fly rod. There is a group of guys around here that ride there. You can find them in the nevada section at

Pulled my two 1985 JS550's outta storage and hoping that the there are still places to ride them in SoCal... used to have a blast jumping waves at Dana Point and chasing each other around the Lake Havasu area... People still riding the older skis there?

Took a few years and moving next to a lake but I finally picked up a couple of skis.  The white 440 runs and rides like a dream. The red one has a 650 in it , I think I need to adjust the idle a bit, it ran good if you stayed on it, but wanted to die at idle . . . it's fast but bounces a lot at speed, going to have to see what I can do to dial it in. The white one is perfect for somebody new to learn on, really nice and smooth.  I wanted a couple of beaters, so I can go out with friends and not have to worry about them getting messed up . . . figure if I get hooked, I'll keep an eye out for a nicer ski and have the beaters for loaners.  Kinda felt like a requirement living here. Drove down my street, crossed the road and boom, there's the launching spot, 5 minutes tops . . . was the first time I've been to the lake since moving here!



Quiet around here . . . rebuilt the carb on the 650 and it's running like a champ now.  Just put a Ocean Pro ride plate on it . . . has a Mariner intake already . . . hoping the ride plate helps it track better and adds some stability.  The 440 runs great and is a great beginner ski, the 650 gets it!!!



Planning to look at a 1991 Super Jet tonight and a 3 ski trailer, and then I'm done for a while.  Seriously, I'm done . . . no more toys . . . I promise.

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