Enduros - I don't get it?

Could somebody please explain Enduro racing/riding to me? It sounds like fun but I'm not sure I understand how it all comes together. This is what I think I know:

-Riders are separtated into classes based on ability, A,B,C, etc.

-Each rider starts the race individually (not sure about this one)

-Riders ride a prescribed course and basically race the clock. The object is to be right on time and you are penalized for being early or late.

-If a rider is more than a certian number of minutes late he is disquaified (not sure about this one).

-The race ends when the race clock runs out (do you just stop where you are or what?)

Anyway, I've read the AMA rulebook but it's not the most reader friendly tome I've come across. I need an Enduro for Dummies book I guess. Ever heard of one? Thanks for the help. :)

Momilkman gave you a great resource there. If you still want to read more go to the links page there and go to the Texas Enduro curcuit page. They have some of the same info just provided a bit different.

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