Looking at an '84 XR 500...

I'm looking at a 1984 XR 500 to buy to ride with my son on his new XR 100.

I'm 41 yrs. young, rode all my childhood, then got away from it altogether for 20 years or so.

This 500 is really clean and tight, recently (within 2 years,)rebuilt top to bottom.The guy is just getting out of riding for the moment, so he says.

Is this a decent bike for $1200.00 ? It's really strong, but I've been out of it as I said, and I'm not up on the last few years in the thumper world...

Any suggestions from some veterans would be appreciated...

Thanks. [color:red] [/color]

I know that here in Ca, I came across a couple of early 80's model XR's for a bit less than that. I guess it all depends on just how clean the bike really is.

The Bike you are looking into is OVERPRICED! I could understand it, if it were in original condition with very very low mileage and in perfect shape. However, since the bike has been rebuilt, redone, or whatever, it means the bike was at one time, worn out. Don't be fooled by how tight or how well it seems to run. I only say this because of the age of the bike. Personally, I would never trust a bike which had been "rebuilt" by someone I don't know. And would never, ever pay over 800 for something that old.

good luck with it !


Go to Cycletrader.com and do a search for the XR in California only. There are lots of bikes for a heck of a lot less than that '85! $1,200.00 is way too much for a bike that old. Plus they are notorious for rotten mufflers in those years.

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