Is there anyone who I might ride with tomorrow?

I'd like to go riding tomorrow, but I don't have anyone to go with. If you're going riding tomorrow, then I would appreciate it if I could come! Thanks! :)


We are all riding at Hollister Calif about 4 maybe 5 of us your welcome to come.

Ohhh Your in Utah

Bummer dude, Well if ya drive real fast you can make by Mid after noon :)

Ummm yaaa......... that's not going to work. :)

I'm riding tomorrow.... even in the Salt Lake area. A buddy and I are doing the Wasatch Crest Trail. You're welcome to join us. Is that trail legal for motorcycles? Oh, I forgot, we'll be on mountain bikes.

Everyone's a comedian, right? Sorry. As we're grunting up Spiro towards the crest then up Puke hill I'll be wishin' for that throttle.

I do want to get back in to Utah this fall sometime and ride with the Utah TT contingent again.

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