Edelbrock Carb Users-Tuning Advice

This post is for all of those who have used the Edelbrock Carb for your wr450. I live at around sea level. I have full exhaust (powerbomb header), airbox is opened a bit, no spark arrester, blue and grey wire mod, and a high flow filter. A YZ cam is in the future but that's besides the point. My question is what settings did you use on your carb? It comes with a 6,7, and 8 needle. I'm assuming I'll need the 8. But I have no idea if i'm correct, or how many clicks it needs to be, or how many turns for the fuel screw, etc etc. Thanks alot!!! Oh, and one more thing...am I correct in that I DONT hookup the HOTSTART or TPS to this carb?



Mike, you might want to list this in the "Jetting" section too. You'll probably get more hits. Maniac

Will do. Thanks.

Mike, I have had experience with the Edelbrock carb for past several years and have been very happy. They are easy to dial in. Start with the #7 needle in the middle of the adjustment range. Leave the "thumb" adjuster in the top of the carb, there is no reason to ever take it out. Not sure how easy the 450 is to reach the adjuster, but with my 400 I can stop and make quick adjustments on the trail if needed. If you follow the instructions from Edelbrock about adjusting the needle, you can get it right on in a matter of minutes. You might still have a small closed throttle backfire, but not bad and it's easy to live with. Otherwise the carb is super easy to adjust for different conditions and never clogs a jet. The only complaint that I have is that every so often the float needle sticks in the "closed" position and won't fill the float bowl. This happens after prolonged non-use and can usually be taken care of by tapping on the side of the float bowl with a stone or screwdriver handle. Good luck, the phone customer service at Edelbrock is also helpful. BTW, there is no "fuel screw", only the main needle and another adjustment for the pump delivery volume.

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more info.

Sounds promising. Thanks for the help. Hopefully I'll put it on in a couple weeks. I'm debating whether or not I should do a hi comp piston and headwork with yz cam now or later.

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