pro circuit levers

i could not find a product review for these here on tt. anybody use them?

my stock levers are bent to s$!t on the wr and need replaced. thought i might go black. would rather have aluminum that will bend than cheap that will just snap off. recomendations?

the stronger they get, the more likely you are to just break the perch instead.

Years ago i finally ponied up for ASV's...and that was the last dollar i ever needed to spend on levers. it was a WISE investment.

yeah i love the way those look too. i am trying to understand why i "need" them opposed to just more of a factory replacement. what makes them the bees knees? i notice the clutch lever has integrated hot start lever. is that a plug and play with the wr hot start, or is there some sort of modification needle to the cable or elsewhere?

they are plug and play.. the trick is that they are hinged with a spring to bend BACKWARDS. they will bend all the way backwards on themselves, and spring back. try to break THAT

ASV's are the way to go... Have put them on every bike and ATV I've owned!

put some barkbusters on. I still have the stock levers that came on my 2006, not even bent.

thats the plan :cheers:

you guys like acerbis hand guards with the metal bar?

i am kinda really diggin the look of moose contour guards, but never ran moose. anybody have these? i am thinking black bars with blue plastice or white plastic. so many choices. :ride:

Acerbis are crap. They bend and dont fit well. I have the Moose bars and they are great!


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