YZ400F choke question (1999)

This bike is new to me, just got it two days ago.

Here's the question I have. When I pull out the choke it doesn't stay out, I can feel it "catch" but it will snap back in on it's own. I dont think this is normal but I wanted to check....

If it's not normal is there a way to clean it or fix it? Also it sticks out quite a ways.. it almost appears that it could go in another 1/2 inch but it doesn't go in any further when I press it. Over all it pulls out maybe 1/2 inch to the "catch"

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The only fix for that is to replace the choke assembly.

i agree with gray. i had to replace the choke assembly on my yz450 and it cost around $20. works great now

Ya I took it off today and inspected it. The little plastic catches that grab the buldge on the plunger shaft are worn smooth and dont hold anymore. Ordered one today from the dealer... wish it was $20 bucks tho!!! $36 + tax

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