Dear thumpertalk advice


I need some 426 related advice!

I just installed new Renthall bars (Jimmy Button) and a new pair of Aceribis Rally Pro handguards on my 01 yz426 on Saturday. I went riding with my (2) buddies later that afternoon. Friend #1 wanted to try out my new setup, so we swapped bikes and of course he crashed on some hard pack gravel and bent my new left hanguard and broke the lower handguard mount and bolt. Also the cool looking acerbis logo is scratched off! He's the king of dumb wipouts and this was another one for the books. He rode up a small hill and tried to turn around on the face of the hill. He thought he was in gear and hit the throttle but was in neutral and fell right over. He's also my best friend from way back (25 years). He also didnt offer to replace them, he's dense when it comes to these situations. I know if I ask, he would pay for the new parts. What would you do in my situation? If it was anybody else, I would have made them pay or beat the sh*t of of them. The guards were only about 74.00 What should I do, make him pay or let it slide? Thanks


Hey Flyinguitars,

If it were my best friend, I'd let it slide. Best friends are sometimes hard to come by. I agree it was a bit dense of him not to offer to pay, but dirt bikes are supposed to have scratches.


Ask to borrow his bike....

This is a very touchy subject with me as I have just had this happened to me only it has cost my reckless friend over $700.00 clams!! Our friendship will not be the

same for a while as he is pissed, but this is the SECOND time he has damaged my bike and he needs to be held accountable for his own reckless abandon. If I crashed on someone's bike I would pay for damage I caused.


He should pay whatever it takes to restore the bike back to what you think is proper, or what you would replace if this damage happened while you were on the bike.

However, you really can't come back a week later and tell him you now expect him to pay. You have the right, but it's tacky, and that may harm the friendship.

If you pass your bike to a known crasher, you need to do so with some conditions made right then and there. Such as "You crash it, you own it".

Seems like anytime someone gets on your bike, they think they have to show you how to ride it. If they have forewarning and know the consequences, it's a good reminder to take it a bit easier.

Perhaps you need to invite him along when you go to purchase the replacement parts. He should put two-and-two together.


Hey Flying Guitar,

With all humbleness, and sincerity-

<marquee>Forgive, and you will be forgiven! Judge not, and you will not be judged! Condemn not, and so shall you not be condemned!</marquee>

I know you have heard " Let him who is without sin cast the first stone "

Let it go. Is $74.00 really worth a good friend of 25 years. Remember too, that this may happen to you ( not necessarily with a dirtbike, or with your buddy ), and you'll be forgiven, and your kindness here shall return to you. :)

But learn a lesson. You know he's the King of Whoops. Let him demonstrate his crunching authority on his own mount. Then when he messes up, the only one who is stuffed is him!

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks!

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I guess you now know who your true friends are :)


Let it go this time, but next time be clear that if he so much as scratches ANYTHING he's buying you new parts!

In the mean time make sure he buys your beer the next get together.


A good friend wouldn't think twice about paying. If I had done that to a friends bike I couldn't get the parts to him fast enough.


My friend ran over my helmet and i let him go because it was partly my responsibility to not leave it in an area where it could get run over. That is the same with you letting someone ride your bike. I cringe everytime i let someone on my bike even though Im known for crashing other peoples bikes (and paying to fix it). Dont make him pay, but dont let him ride it again. Lesson learned.

hmmmm what prize friendship,,,

i wud personally say,,,,,in a jokey way


if he offers to pay,,,i'd then say

''tell u what split the cost with me''

just my opinion,,,,

[if that doesnt work,,,,,,,sleep with his woman :) ]


"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

Mike, I would say to him in a jokingly facetious tone of anger, 'Hey, did you get my new parts yet?' If he doesn't get the hint, say 'Whatcha doing tonight?' Then do like Dave said and take him with you when you buy the parts. Maybe he will break out some cash to subsidize the repairs. I like sandracers idea of sleeping with his woman, but depending on how she looks, you may have to do it several times to use up your $74 credit. Viewer discretion is advised.

Tell him there is a realy cool site on the internet he must check-out. Something like Maybe he recognize himself in some story he reads there.... or.... is it a regular visitor of this site and was this your hint??????

I think that sleeping with his wife won't do the friendship any good (not a habit here in Europe :) anyway). But as you guys say: just my two cents.


Personally, I would not have to ask any of my "good" buddies..... I would know they would be replaced/repaired ASAP. I do know what you mean about some guys not thinking sometimes. If he is indeed your best bud, bring it up in conversation like mentioned above. "Hey, I am waiting for my hand guards to be in tomorrow.... They are costing 74 bucks.....can you believe that??" See what comes about. Or if he has a cat, kick it a couple of times. :) Leave the wife alone.

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