When I mount up a new set of pro tapers, will all the stock stuff (compression release, headlight switch) fit on the fatter bars? I know this question has been answered before, but I couldn't find the thread.

Also, If I plan to use the adapters which add 3/4" to the height, will CR High bend be too high? I am 6'1" and feel pretty cramped by the stockers. (Especially standing)


It well all fit on the bar. If you go to high however, some off the cables might be to short. I used the adapters with a slight rise bar and the cable's barely reached.

I have the Factory 909 11/16" rise adapters and a Tag Metals "CR Double-High" tapered bar with no problems. I am also 6'1" and comfort is greatly improved. There's enough space for all controls plus BD's lights control and both Acerbis mirrors...

Windham bend Pro Tapers work just fine with mounts and cables. Bark buster mounts are a pain if you do not have the ones that attach to the triple clamps.

OK, order has been placed. ProTaper CR hi bend w/ adapters, Tusk Dflx handguards w/adapters and FMF ergo grips. Now comes the wait..... :)

As per Indy; I have set of bark buster triple clamp

brackets. e-mail if interested. :)

Stuff arrived today, pretty quick just placed my order on Saturday.

Pro tapers mounted up very easy. Used the Tusk big bar adapters, they fit and look good. The CR High bend with the extra 3/4" from the adapters feels sweet! Much more room for me to get up on the tank, and standing is MUCH better. Can actually balance and lean forward! Best Mod I ever did for handling/fit. <font color="black">

Tusk Dflex handguards look tough, finish is real nice. Fit is a little lacking though, as in, they don't fit! Have to spend some time with the aluminium braces in a vice tomorrow and bend them to fit. Don't know why they are so far off, not like I am using some off the wall bars or anything??? Anyway, I know I will like them once I get them mounted up.

FMF 909 ERGO grips are very tacky (sticky) and offer good grip. In fact, I never got blisters on my hands from the stock grips, and in a 3 hour ride tonight, my hands felt pretty raw. I have to build some new calluses. The gel in the palm feels good, soaks up the sharp hits and the buzz.

Who did you order from ? I am going to US very and wanted to get some pastrana FMX but Escondido Cycles turned down my order as my delivery address was different than my billing. I'm looking to re-order very quickly so anybody else have any suggestions ?

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