I called XR’s Only

Here is a good example of how the motorcycle internet business thinks. I have one of our beloved group member’s bikes here. I set up the shims on the shock for a 260# rider with 3wt oil. Had the shock filled with nitrogen and needed a spring. Called RaceTech for the spring, they said, they had one so, I asked if they could double check if it was on the shelf. They went and checked and no spring. I was grateful that they made the effort to check and save the time, of a miss-hap. Then I called XR’s Only. Went threw the same steps except when they checked, it was yes I have one right here. I get off the phone and ‘e’ the owner of this Poor Under Sprung Oinker and let him know where to order it. They tell him they have it and I will have it the next day. He pays for it and lets me know it’s on it’s way. No spring third day. So, I called XR’s Only, first they tell me there was no order from this man. I get off the phone and call him. It was yes I did. So, call back XR’s and Ooh, it’s back ordered we don’t have one. I need to talk to the boss please is my reply. The manager gets on the phone, Sorry, we don’t have one and it won’t be shipped to us till the 15th. Now I am mad! I let him know that I was told that they went and got it off the shelf and that it was going to be shipped that day next day mail. I should have had it yesterday. Well that’s the way things go when you do as much business as we do. Then after he said that it was; In this business this type of thing happens you can’t do much about it. I said, I’ll write to a group on the net about this, it’s an XR group. He said, go ahead it won’t slow our business down any. We have more business then we can handle. So, there you have it they don’t care! Now I have a little piggy undressed in the shop alone without a chance of his loving owner taking him (or her, I have to ask, never been good at checking) for a ride into the sunset this evening.


[ He said, go ahead it won’t slow our business down any. We have more business then we can handle. So, there you have it they don’t care!


thats good they have more than they can handle.........

i will not buy from them :D with that kind of attitude :D

i will continue using baja designs. :D they have always been super friendly and very helpful. :D

jeff :)

Ill give my money to bajadesigns.com, they clearly care about the customer. If I ran my business like xrsonly runs their, I would be broke. It pays in the long run to pay attention to the customers. Customer service goes a long way, even the biggest companies realize this, and make great efforts to provide the best service.

xrsonly sucks.. Do not buy from them.

All they wanted was the credit card number...........

Obviously they will lie to get it.

Msybe they should sell socks with handles, so you can hold still while...

I hadnt done any business with them, guess I am lucky.

I ask those same questions when I order stuff.


I haven't delt with XR's Only and will not now. Thank you for the post like this b/c I'd rather give my business to people that appreciate it and work hard to make it a pleasurable experience to give them my hard earned dollar. I receintly did my first business with Barnum's Pro and had an excellent experience as well. Baja Designs in the past treated me right too.

Thumbs up :thumbsup:to both companies.

Does anyone else have;

Negative Companies --> companies to avoid!

Positive Companies --> companies that go the extra mile to help you and make sure that you are a satisfied customer?

I think we ought to have a list of good and bads to keep unknowing people from getting screwed.


Thanks for the info about XRsOnly. I've never dealt with them, but now I know I won't. I've done business with BajaDesigns several times and they were friendly and my XR parts were always shipped promptly and intact.


I have had some experiance with XRs only and it was a little shakey as well, I ended up getting everything but it did take some fooling around a bit.

On the other hand the guys at baja designs really were awsome..... and Rob Barnum is a super nice guy who took a bunch of time on the phone with me to give me the inside scoop on the BRP engine and mods i was considering.

Its sad to hear that they basicly told you that your busness was worthless, thats NOT the case, they need us All to stay in buisness.

Thanks for the post.

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We need to start a post with the company as the subject and keep it on top. Then people can provide feedback(simular to ebay), so that we, as consumers, can see how they handle their business and support them or avoid them depending on their willingness to go the extra mile for their customers.

I bought a hot start switch for the big red pig and decided not to use it ($80). I decided to get the QS pumper instead to solve the problem. So I have emailed them twice to tell them I want to return it, they can credit me and I will spend more money with them. The won't answer. They deal with me. I didn't even open the shipped box. I won't deal with them either. I am a Baja Designs fan myself, they even send stickers.

I was on a ride in Baja with a guy that had a ton of work done on his XR350. The motor ate [@#$%&*!] after he spent $1000 on it. If I remember right something had backed out and the motor locked up. I had to catch the chase truck and send him back with the spare bike.

Maybe everyone should e-mail them and tell them what they think of their company. I did. :D:)

I am the owner of a small mail order company(non bike). Anyhow there is usually 2 sides to a story. I'm not taking sides here, I have never dealt with XR's and don't even have an XR, But my brother does and we're always looking for good companies to spend our hard earned pennies. Does anybody have and good experiences with XRsonly?

I dealt with XR's Only when I first got my BRP...was having something shipped before a big ride weekend...after several days of no parts I called, it was then that they informed me that the credit card number was no good, and they could not finish the order. I asked just how long were they going to wait and tell me? I reminded them that they had my e-mail address, why not notify me? DUH! I called my bank to see what the problem with the card was, they said there was no problem, but some merchant was attempting to use my card for a purchase, but didn't know what they were doing, so the card didn't go thru. We all know who the merchant was...last time I ever used XR's Only again, but got my part just in time from B/Designs.

Now, I have had problems with B/Designs, but the difference is they handled the problem as if it was their fault(it was) and took care of it ASAP.

All vendors will make mistakes here and there, but how they handle it, and their attitude makes the difference.


Perhaps you should call XRsOnly and ask them if they have any customer oriented service such as a money back guarantee for misrepresentation. :)

I sure won't buy anything that I would need right away. :D :D :D :D

Fair enough... If most of the people have bad stories I have no problem believing them. If walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...Probably a duck :) Good to know before we send any cash that way :D

ask them if they have any customer oriented service such as a money back guarantee for misrepresentation.

They don't, but I do....I guarantee I won't be sending any money to them for anything! :)

yeah, i keep holding off on posting a reply to this thread but it's true. xrs only is in the shitter.

mikey c. is worth working with there and the owner is a good guy too. however, i'm never going back there again because i had a run in with some piece of high desert trash mechanic they had working there. he made me feel like a total squid because i asked him to help me with a cable routing issue one day. this, after i drove all the way up to the high dez from redlands to return the XR250 PIPE they sent me on accident. i thought, what the hell i'll load up my bike and have them take a look.

he was looking at my bike and telling me how bad i screwed it up. then the owner comes out to make things right and the ape mechanic stands 5 feet away from me and tells the owner "see, these people try to work on their own bikes, they screw things up, and they come here and expect me to fix it for them."

i was floored. first of all i wasen't expecting anything except to return the PIPE THAT THEY SENT TO ME BY MISTAKE. second, i wasn't asking for him to fix shite. i was asking advice, bro to bro, or so i thought.

so the owner comes over, is totally cool, laces a new throttle cable shows me some of the issues i was creating and it was a learning experience...what i was looking for.

i drove home and talked to others and got the same result. if you deal with xrs only work with the owner. everyone else will screw up, make you feel like a knob, or waste your time.

it's too bad things have come this far for xrs only. they have so much history and have contributed to the xr big time.

but they are a victom of geography. i think the combination of sun, dust, and meth, makes it hard form them to find good help in hespiria...

while i'm on the topic, two places a xr rider should frequent: precision concepts and ims

After Al Bakers tragic death, XR's Only finally ended up in the hands of the former Baker estate gardener! Its just not the same company. Everyone says it. This string is sadly accurate, not a one-time unlucky experience. They did great stuff for the XR's a generation ago, but the aftermarket industry has really grown, and with it professionalism and service. Sadly thats missing from XR's Only.

I find a freindly attitude (if high prices!) from Baja Designs.

But the best for our bike has got to be Rob Barnum. He was Al Bakers protege for years, and now his knowledge of the BRP is as good as it gets. His operation is smaller and scrappier than the big guys, and so (as is often with hungrier small businesses) his attention to detail and service is much better. Plus he is a thumpertalk supporter. www.barnumspro.com :)



I met Al Baker many years ago at a MX national race in KY. We were both pooped after the very hot humid race and were cooling off. He was really something then also. Since I got a BRP I thought I would do business with Al's co. I know that he is gone now, but still it was his co. Well long story to say that I have gotten good service and cooperation from them on all my purchases. I may have been lucky with parts that were available.

I don't need anything else right now and I will certainly watch this space for more info on the good people to buy from. Also got a part from Barnum, really nice quality and fast turn around.

Just my .02.


At the risk of showing how totally in the dark I am, what happened to Al? I mean I knew XRsOnly was in different hands now, but I guess I just assumed Al had sold it. I didn't know he had died.

what happened to Al?

He died in an airplane crash.

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