I called XR’s Only

Here's an update: got an email in reply to the email I sent them earlier today, asking politely what was up with my order. I got a one-liner giving me my UPS tracking code. Apparently it had shipped on Fri. but they hadn't told me (and the order status page still says "confirmed" and not "shipped". I wonder if this changes).

Well, all that remains to be seen now is if they shipped the right parts. I have faith that this will be the case (if it isn't tough titty, as my mother says, because the first I'll hear of it is when I open the box in Chile).



Got my stuff today. Everything was in order.


Thanks for the heads up, I will not buy from them either. Companys like that should be put in there place and make then realize you can`t treat paying customers with disrespect... keep this tread going

me neither

2 of my three orders have been a clusterfluck and required several phone calls. I am clearly a slow-learner. I was forced to place a couple calls to straigten out my order and it is amazing how each time I hung up feeling like I was wasting THEIR time.

Man, I check back to this forum maybe once per month. I can't belive I have missed this thread everytime. I have made 3 or 4 orders with XRs only in the past, and will not do it again. To be fair, I have not ordered from them in about 2 years, so I do not know if they have cleaned up their act. However, I will not find out. I read someones post in this thread who mentioned that this is typical of a lot of phone order and internet business and I have to agree. I don't enjoy paying the higher prices of a retail store or dealer, but when you can look a person in the eye as he promises you an arrival date prior to swiping your credit card, you get a feeling for weather or not he is BSing you or not. Also, with me standing right in front of someone, I think they give me a lot more respect than if I was on the phone 2000 miles away.

I have had several transactions with Chris and Kamell at Al Bakers XR's Only and have come away from each deal satisfied and felt as if I had been treated fairly and with respect, If they did'nt have a part in stock they told me they did'nt, and when they expected it. I am in Tallahassee Florida our local Honda shop sucks they will look you in the eye and tell you your part will be be in Tuesday, you go by to pick it up the following Saturday, (because you never got the call telling you your parts are here) and they do not have it, as a matter of fact they say you already picked those up, my computer says you picked them up Tuesday! In reality they never ordered the parts, and you find that out three weeks later!!!!! So to each his own I have had a good experience with Al Bakers find the three guys that work there that I know of to be helpfull and honest, never a problem and the parts came all the way cross country.

I bought some "XR's Only" parts from Blaisracingservices.com. Ordered Friday morning and they were in my mailbox at noon Sat (the next day!!!) Granted it was shipped from SoCal to SoCal but damn that's fast! Prices were better than XR's own site and got my complete order, three items, with no sweat. Give 'em a shot, I know I will...again!

me neither

Maybe you can recommend someone else. :allears

They screwed up a heavy duty clutch spring order! They are still a joke.

I had my order in just a few days to my door!

Took them over 2 months to get my springs for my L. Pitiful.

I think I ordered in August and just got them last week. I wanted Eibach and had to settle for slightly weaker fork springs from RaceTech. Luckily I got the Eibach Rear that I needed.:mad:

Just a note from an Eibach dealer:

Sometimes the supplier may be backordered. I do know that Eibach was backordered on most of the XR400/600/650L Springs from .45,.47kg and even the rear 10.5, and 11.0kg. The best thing is to let the customer know that it is backordered. Some B.O.'s are out of the dealers hand.:mad:

Why would you want to keep this "tread", THREAD going? :mad: This is the longest going thread in History.:worthy: I am sure some employee's have made some mistakes, but I like XR's Only, they make good quality Brand name parts which are always in stock when I need them.:mad: Thanks XRs:thumbsup:

I did not like XR's either theu only take paypal. means you have no protection and they don't answer emails

I got my stuff but

I haven't ordered anything from them, but I did call them for a tech question, and the guy talked to me like I was an idiot. Not a smart thing to do, when I had enough money to buy a $6000.00 bike, and was most definately interested in buying upgrade parts (most likely from them). But hey, I'm just a dummy to him. Tommy:excuseme:

You should positively, cancel the order. NO ifs ands or buts about it. Even if you wait for a month longer from someone else, it's about principle.

You can dispute the charge with your company.

I was told the Eibach makes race tech springs, so your springs shouldn't be slightly weaker, they are the same thing.

I'm very happy with XRs only. Glad there is a company that will make things for our bikes. Can't get everything from the walmarts.

Enough Said............:mad: :mad:

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