I called XR’s Only

Wow what a post !!! I only have good comments about xr`s only !! I won to Championships last year Natl. Hare & hound 4 stk Am. title & Dist. 37 4 stk Am. title. And would not have been possible with out the constsnt help and I mean constant help from every body over there from the owner to the office girl.

I have delt with everybody over there. I know things happen and i have been there and seen it. And also seen they correct the problems also. They just finished a major update on the shop the last time I was there and with major construction things get crazy. I`m not tying to totally take there side but I know they are trying to make things better over there. From new Computers for better inventory controll and so on.

I raced every weekend the last two years and they were always there for me. Even when I didnt have enough money to paY FOR PARTs or new tires or misc. things. they let me pay when i got the cash. To me that says alot about a bussiness when they truley support racers and care about a our sport. And with there help I won 2 very prestiougs championships.

Sorry to ramble on but thats my 2 cents :)

Dave Manriquez

It does kinda seem a little funny that my 1st post was sticking up for XR'S but this was the first time I have been on this message board and it caught my eye. I really think you guys are being a little hard on those guys I really have had not 1 problem

To all this concerns..

I am a Manager hear at Al Bakers Xr's Only and am suprised of the repsonse of a mistaken order. Over the past couple of days I have had my employees monitor the web board and reply. Now I have had a chance to read all of the replys. I do admit the main mistake on the whole issue is the customer

was not called back. That is a Big mistake. I would be upset too. The young lady that took the order failed to get the gentlemans phone #. So by the day the customer was expecting the shock spring he called and was told the bad news. "Im sorry we dont have the spring. If theres anything I can do I will do." We had a used spring that was offered to red lable to him. We do strive good customer service and do not like to make mistakes. If we do then we will fix them. Unfortunately this is do to untrained or entry level sales person or even shipper. It is hard to montitor everthing but try very hard to make sure a customer is taken of. SO here it is... We did make a mistake. I am sorry this happened. We did offer to fix this it was just too late. Here is an open invitation to all who read this. To all customers and non customers who are willing to give XR's Only a chance I am offering a 20% discount on any order and a free T shirt. We do care and please accept our apology on this matter. And to the person who posted the message I would like an opportunity to make it up.

Thank You

Kamell Allaway


XR's Only

Now THAT is customer service! :) I still have that XR200 I brought in there 16 years ago, and it needs some new stuff, so I guess you can expect me to come back and order some stuff! I never had a problem in the first place, so I hope you will provide the same service I had when I initially came in. Again! :D :D

I just wanted to say that the people at XR's Only were cool to me. In 2001, I drove up the hill to pick up a few things from them, started talking with them and they took me in the back and showed me one of their project bikes and made suggestions to me for my pig. I thought this was some of the best customer service that I have ever had. Thank you everyone at XR's Only

Thanks Kamell for your response. The fact that you answered this thread and attempted to make amends with your generous offer is a step in the right direction to positive customer relations. :)

I remember a wise quote one day I learned a business class many year ago:

"It takes months to find a customer but only minutes to lose one"

Atta boy that is the way to conduct business. Although this is my first post I've been following this post with baited breath. I've had my 650L for about four months now and have been following this forum to educate myself on bumping up the power. I'm glad to see in these times that people can go the extra mile to ensure that customers are satisfied. To "XR'S only" manager thanks for following up and risking further arguements to ensure that your employees and your business are here for the customers. I feel at this point you have made an honest offer to make this right. But I would caution you to continue to follow up on customer concerns/complaints :), as you have in this post.


Kamell Allaway,

It's not the discount and T-Shirt that matters to me. It is your committment to personally addresss the issues that gets my attention and respect. I know what it takes to pull a team together and I think from your post that you have the tools and the personal motivation to do this. :)

Thank you Kamell Allaway for the offer, you hit it on the head when you mentioned not contacting the customer when problems, or questions arise. I might just take you up on giving XR's another chance, and in all fairness, I will post the results of that order, good or bad (hopefully good).

I did not jump on the "flame" bandwagon to just see my name in print, my story was true, and relevent.

I don't want to trash xr's either but I ordered a part from them a few days before this thread started. When the part didn't arrive the day they said it would, because of this thread, I got a bad feeling.

I deal with customer complaints at my work and I also deal with vendors so I know a little bit about this from both sides.

When I called to see what the deal with my part was I talked to 5 different people and had to tell the same story over again to each one.... that is annoying. The 5th guy told me he would call me right back. 1-1/2 hours later I called back and talked to 5 different people again. He mixed up my credit card number and he mixed up my phone number so he couldn't call me to tell me my card didn't work. He switched the first two numbers on the card and the phone....I don't think it's a good idea to have a dyslexic person taking down numbers. After we got the numbers straightened out he said he would run the card and call me back to let me know if it worked….. He never did.

The next day I had to call them and finally got someone who seemed to know what and how to do this and my part arrived the next day.

You’re right when you say people make mistakes and I can accept that, but when you tell me you’re gonna call and never do that is poor customer service. I didn’t mind that the numbers got mixed up, I didn’t like getting the run around on the phone and having to call you back twice. That wasn’t a “mistake”

At my work, I deal with the vendors that give me good service and I don’t worry about the price too much if I’m getting that service. Other vendors don’t even have a chance to get my business if I think my current vendor cares about me, is efficient and responsible.

This is just an honest assessment of your company, it was the first time I ordered from you and it was pretty obvious the guy helping me was new and didn’t really know how to do things. Nobody was rude or anything like that. It just seemed like a chinese fire drill over there. Train your people!

I like the fact that you offered to make it up to people and I won’t stop buying from you, but you have one strike with me.

Just my honest assessment,


Everyone needs a second chance, but how many chances has Xr's had? Way too many in my opinion. Way too many complaints, there is no way I am giving my business to them. :D

And as far as posting complaints here! Why not. Let the customer be aware. We posted our complaints here because we want to educate the buyer. The buyer will make his own decision either to buy from xrs only or not.

I would love to support xr's only, but with bajadesigns around who needs xrs's only? :)

I have had nothing but good luck ordering from XR's Only. I had quite a few goodies shipped from CA to WV for my 250, and the customer service was always right on. I even called them for jetting advice on my 400 and they were very polite and helpful, even when I wasn't purchasing anything. If that isn't great customer service I don't know what is. It's way too easy for one or two bad employees to give an entire operation a bad name. I work at an outdoor gear rental shop (skiis, bikes, camping gear, boats, ect) and believe me one employee can really mess up a shop's reputaion. Try explaining to someone, who has reserved and paid for a pair of skiis, that you don't have the size ski boots they need because the person who took their order is an idiot. It's sad that one bad employee can tarnish the reputaion of a good shop.

I too had problems w/ xr's only...bought new xr4 in january 02 in june ordered pipe and jetting, waited a week for the the pipe nothing !! I had to call them because they never attemted to call me, and they said there was a problem w/ my credit card finally after two days of b.s. come to find out it was the person that was taking the order that screwed it up...thats ok s**t happens i myself not perfect !! when i finally got the pipe i ordered it was the wrong pipe.........I did infact get the right pipe 2 weeks later and they did send me a t-shirt and some stickers but it was the whole ordeal that has shyed me away from them.Im very pleased with the product and it makes a world of difference to my sled, but they do need to work on training their people better....would like to take advantage of the 20% discount just dont know what to expect ??? :)

the key here is employees.you can have the best product/store,but if an employee treats you poorly(rude/incompetent)you dont want to deal with them again.your spending your HARD earned money .why give it to someone that treats you bad.i've never had a problem w/xr'sonly but i have with other shops/stores.i dont go back :) <font color="#666666">

I called XR's only on Friday to get some jets for my XR400. I wanted them Saturday because we were going riding Sunday. I wasn't sure they could do it but the kid on the phone assured me they could.

After I got off the phone I talked with the shipping guy here at work and he said UPS doesn't ship on Saturday unless you over night it and specify "ship Saturday".

So I called xr's only back and sure enough my jets were going to go regular and would have arrived Monday! What the HELL! I specifically asked will they get here tomorrow and he said yes.

I did get me jets on Saturday but only because I didn't trust them and called twice.

The second guy I talked to did a good job and nobody has been rude to me but they need to train their people better. I'm not writing these posts just to bag on xr's but maybe they are reading them and realize they have some problems.

We really shouldn't complain too much, they're definitely not any worse than my local Honda shop which NEVER HAS ANY OF THE MOST BASIC PARTS IN STOCK!

The parts guy once told me that a clutch cable adjustment screw was a high performance part and that’s why they didn’t have it in stock…are you kidding me?

Does anyboday know a good honda shop in the LA area? I haven't found a good one yet.

yeah, I read my post and thought... what the hell are all those numbers?...I did'nt type those.

I agree with you and I'm done with this thread. They offered to make it up to people and that's the end of it.

The parts guy once told me that a clutch cable adjustment screw was a high performance part and that’s why they didn’t have it in stock…are you kidding me?

What's going on here? Your ' is tweaking on you.

I'm sure all places have stories, but at least XR's came here to see what was up and is trying to offer something for past problems, to everyone too. :)

Not for nothing, but your first post is to bash a company? You say that you have a customers bike in your shop, does that make you one of their competitors? XR's Only rebuilt my motor and I've bought parts from them since then, and they've always treated me right.

----- :D:D I never thought that they were this bad after reading the ton of posts here of the endless :D stuff they have done to every one here I can't beleave they are still in business! :):D

----- Well here I am two weeks later and Mr. Lewis just got back from

his vacation. Do I have the spring that Mr. Lewis ordered from XR's

Only? No! I don't get it yet! He called and asked if I had recieved

it yet. I let him know I didn't and he should call. Now mind you he

paid for this shock spring with his card and was told they had it in

there hand and it was going to be shipped next day and after finding

out that it was back ordered three days later when I called; he

called and was told it would be sent when it came in.....Now he calls

today to find out what's up and they tell him they canceled his

order! Noone told them to cancle the order and there was no abceene

yelling or name calling (Mr. Lewis is a man of GOD) never told them

he didn't want it. They just cancled it. Only thing I can think of is

they saw some of this on one of the groups I have put it on and

thought they would teach me for blowing the whisle. Nice guys! What

kind of garbage is this that they would not call nothing just cancle

the order and give no reason. The Oinker is still naked now in the

corner of my garage not able to go out and play because of bad

business! Bad XR's Only! This would not have happend when Al Baker

owned the store.

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