I called XR’s Only

Post #659557 Now that you have replied and said, that the order would be sent the next day why was it cancled? No, I wasn't under standing when the maneger said, 'go a head and write all you want, it won't hurt, we have more business then we can handle'. XR's did say they were sorry for the mix up but I had a problem that the maneger had no problem with someone telling a lie and saying they had the part in there hand when it wasn't even there. I never called names or yelled I was just told this kind of thing happens in this business. AND This manager DID get real snotty when I told him I would write about it on the net; not a little snotty but, became Mr. Snot face. Just a bunch of Male Bovine Feces. In the end There is a very nice guy that doesn't have what he orderd and I was told to put the bike back together with the old spring if the guy wanted to ride the bike that bad. That's a Quote! I am not making money from this I just want to ride like the next guy that has dropped a ton of $$$ into there bike so he can enjoy it. I had XR's Only do a ton of work on my XR600 in 86' to make it race ready for the Baja. It isn't the same company any more. There is an over welming number of bikers on this line of post that have said, that they were done wrong by XR's only. Looks like the facts of how it realy goes has been brought out on this group. Facts are Facts. On my new bike I have their header, case guard, skid plate and mikuni carburetor.

I Moderate the http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/KidBike/ group and Jeff Stevenson droped me a line there and told me about Thumper Talk.

I posted my complaint on sevral different groups and the amount of negitve responce about XR's Only was incredible. The longest post was on http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=655156&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=7&fpart=1&vc=1

and On Fred Hinks Yahoo XR650R Group had some interesting responce, ideas and great encouragement. It's nice to see all the support that you get from guys with bikes. Gene Lane, John Roberts, Bob Naumann, Mr. Williams, Needsprayer (we all do), loufish, Dr.GMatic, MotoChris521, Tom13, David, Chris, qCustom, L.L., bigTom17,Scorch, Jeff(JWS), Secretatlas,Rober(ob1quixote), Smashinz2002, bultao206, J.T.,AND all the rest ****** Thanks! :)





03' XR650R Mikuni*TM40 145.main,.25.pilot, top.position on the needle, air jet 1.2, Stock Carburetor was--70s Pilot, 185 main jet Power up needle, 4th clip down Eibach -10kg shock spring, .3.75" pre-load * Maxima 3wt , Shock fluid, Eibach - 45kg fork springs, Golden Spectro 2.5wt fork fluid, Revavled and reshimmed, UNcorked, No Back fire screen, UNI air filter - holes in air cover - Pro-Taper bars& triple clamp, acerbis handguards, XR's Only case saver and alumminum skid plate, Scott's steering stablizer , Oil sight tube, XR's Only header pipe & White Bros R4 series muffler, High output stator DID ERT Gold series non-O-ring chain. Back Tires I like are the Maxxis 7305HT 120/100, Tera Flex MotoSteel Type (2) 140/80 and the Pirelli RalleyCross 130/90


I really don't understand what you are doing here. I made an effort to make things right with your order. I talked to Troy yesterday and told him the spring was still on backorder.. I had mentioned to him that you did cancel the order and that you were beligerant with me on the phone. You were cursing and not excepting our mistake. You had told me you were angry because he was on his way to pick up his bike. Troy told me he had just got back from Vacation yesterday. Yes we did make the mistake by not calling you back. We failed to get a phone # so we couldnt call you back. All excuses aside XR's Only is a great place for XR parts. Unfortunately I have two new people on my staff which are in training. The spring is now in stock. If you would like the spring please let me know. For the record you did cancel the spring and posted your remarks on Thumper Talk to trash our company. YOu have the right to do so. For all the other customers who have had their problems with us believe me that this is not a bad place. We always want to make your experience a good one. If you ever Have any issues with us please contact me direct. I will handle in the most professional way that I can. There are alot of post which look bad but most are good. There is always a good to every bad. This is all a good experience.This helps me with knowing which direction to take.


Kamell Allaway :)

Now your telling a flat out lie! :) There was never a curse word or yelling! I never cancled the order! I can't cancle an order that is not mine! There has been no curse word out of my mouth for 19 years. I am telling others that you run a business by deceat and lies to get others money. Thats what I am doing here. Warning others to stay away from your bad business. My phone number (909)845-0083 E-mail borynack@hotmail.com

Hey Brian,

Do not let this become something that consumes you. Be gracious and enjoy life.


Warning: This advice is free and you know what that means. :D

Thanks, I will take that free advice also. That's why I sent the thank you letter. I stayed out of it and read what all the others had experienced with XR's Only. I thought it was a low plow for this guy to tell lies to defend his bad business. My wife was standing right next to me while I was talking to this manager she said, there was no yelling and I didn't curse and she is the one that got the call back (yes, they called back) to tell us they had the spring and had got it off the shelf. That is when I called Mr. Lewis to tell him where he could get it. But, as you have said, I want to enjoy life and the others to enjoy riding there bikes. Someone (I think it was Chris) on the Delphi group came up with blowing the whisle on this type of thing to help others avoid this headache. Someone had trouble and talked (wheel spacers) about it on the Yahoo XR650R group with XR's only and there was a line of posts about it. Where I blew it was I didn't take heed and sent someone there way and bam it happened to us. I think that with all the other post of the trouble others have had just from this group alone is more than enough to tell others to shop at Baja Design or any of the other business' that have the :) from this group. I hope XR's Only will consentrate on making the custemer happy and by doing that there business grows. Theres more to making money then just colecting it.Thanks for the help. I am glad someone told XR's only to check this all out. Shows how powerful this group can help each other with what and how they build there bikes.

I'll be taking the XR's Only plunge shortly, and I'll let you know how it all shakes out. I'll post my experience and compare it to my previous experience. If it's great, good for XR's, if it sucks, good for the BB members.

I can honestly say I have seen too much negative on this board to ever deal with a company who states they "have more buisness than they need". XRS only can join FMF and there snot nosed teenagers on my blackballed list :)

i,ve been out of touch for a while, but i saw this post and couldnt keep quiet. Xrs only may be quite surprised how fast word of mouth will spread. Delays, whatever, that kind of thing happens and in a sense there isnt crap you can do about it, but saying that customers dont matter? someone is gonna get a couple grand of my business this winter and it sure as %^ wont be xrs only. If word spreads about this xrs only could be out of business really fast if they arent careful. JR

--- :D --- WOW! I am so, happy to say you hit this one right on the money! Al Williams! I forward what you wrote me below to Mr. Lewis and he called; They didn't have the shock spring, Does it end there no! They put him on hold call around till they found one! I have to get the rest of the details on who sent it. That was wensday, I got it friday early and Mr. lewis was jump'n table tops today with his BRP :D. I lost 5 pounds today! what a ride, he gave me a run for the money. I will call and get who he got it from but, http://www.aftershocks-suspension.com/pages/contact.htm Are awesome in my book! :D Went way out of there way to make someone happy and I don't know if they made a dime off it, or if they got it and sent it. Mr. Lewis is happy. Yahoo! Know I can say some positive and see if the good business get as many good hits :) as the bad business got bad hits. :D Thank's for the GOOD word Mr. Al Williams :D

BWB #63

In XR650R@yahoogroups.com, Al Williams <alpwilliams@y...> wrote:

> I just went through all this same crap. I have been

> looking for a few months now trying to get a spring

> and no one had them. Almost every place I called said

> they did have them and could have one on my door step

> within a week, but after prying, they admited they

> were backordered. So I did a little digging and found

> aftershocks (link below). They said they did not have

> on in stock but directed me to a eibach rep. A week

> later (today) it showed up. I am begining to think

> WhiteBros is a joke as they cant seem to get those

> things in stock (for the last 3 months).


> http://www.aftershocks-suspension.com/pages/contact.htm


> --- Bruce <borynack@h...> wrote:

> > --- Well here I am two weeks later and Mr. Lewis

> > just got back from

> > his vacation. Do I have the spring that Mr. Lewis

> > ordered from XR's

> > Only? No! I don't get it yet! He called and asked if

> > I had recieved

> > it yet. I let him know I didn't and he should call.

> > Now mind you he

> > paid for this shock spring with his card and was

> > told they had it in

> > there hand and it was going to be shipped next day

> > and after finding

> > out that it was back ordered three days later when I

> > called; he

> > called and was told it would be sent when it came

> > in.....Now he calls

> > today to find out what's up and they tell him they

> > canceled his

> > order! Noone told them to cancle the order and there

> > was no abceene

> > yelling or name calling (Mr. Lewis is a man of GOD)

> > never told them

> > he didn't want it. They just cancled it. Only thing

> > I can think of is

> > they saw some of this on one of the groups I have

> > put it on and

> > thought they would teach me for blowing the whisle.

> > Nice guys! What

> > kind of garbage is this that they would not call

> > nothing just cancle

> > the order and give no reason. The Oinker is still

> > naked now in the

> > corner of my garage not able to go out and play

> > because of bad

> > business! Bad XR's Only! This would not have happend

> > when Al Baker

> > owned the store.

> >

> >

Here is a good example of how the motorcycle internet business thinks. I have one of our beloved group member’s bikes here. I set up the shims on the shock for a 260# rider with 3wt oil. Had the shock filled with nitrogen and needed a spring. Called RaceTech for the spring, they said, they had one so, I asked if they could double check if it was on the shelf. They went and checked and no spring. I was grateful that they made the effort to check and save the time, of a miss-hap. Then I called XR’s Only. Went threw the same steps except when they checked, it was yes I have one right here. I get off the phone and ‘e’ the owner of this Poor Under Sprung Oinker and let him know where to order it. They tell him they have it and I will have it the next day. He pays for it and lets me know it’s on it’s way. No spring third day. So, I called XR’s Only, first they tell me there was no order from this man. I get off the phone and call him. It was yes I did. So, call back XR’s and Ooh, it’s back ordered we don’t have one. I need to talk to the boss please is my reply. The manager gets on the phone, Sorry, we don’t have one and it won’t be shipped to us till the 15th. Now I am mad! I let him know that I was told that they went and got it off the shelf and that it was going to be shipped that day next day mail. I should have had it yesterday. Well that’s the way things go when you do as much business as we do. Then after he said that it was; In this business this type of thing happens you can’t do much about it. I said, I’ll write to a group on the net about this, it’s an XR group. He said, go ahead it won’t slow our business down any. We have more business then we can handle. So, there you have it they don’t care! Now I have a little piggy undressed in the shop alone without a chance of his loving owner taking him (or her, I have to ask, never been good at checking) for a ride into the sunset this evening.


With this... you should have felt like I did... AS I was mislead, so were you!

Now... put yourself back in this situation, with you posting to the site... would you do it again?! You said you would if you got 'screwed'. So how do you measure 'being screwed'???

Sorry, but you seem to be somewhat loaded with 'double standards' (for lack of a better term)... What's the term? Do as I say, not as I do?! :thumbsup:


Have a good day...

I'm headed home to wash my XR. :lol: :lol:


You so Funny :lol: I was new here (same day I joined not much class on my part) and should of looked around good thing I didn't turn out to be a troll. I was lied to and never got a call ( I gave them my number and then gave it to them again I called no returned call.... when they said, on this thread they would call me and tried to make it right no call, nada or the part period. You got what you wanted with some trouble and your bike is running great. But, it will take awhile for you to read and fallow all of it (this thread) but, I'll wait. It's all for the better. In the end Barnum gave you a great cam your mechanic blew it and you learnd from it. Yes, I started this post with the same reason you did and with the same anger but, like I said, on your thread I got lucky and XR's Only manager through his post here said, basicaly what I said he said. Without that and all the post of others that got screwed ( no others on yours) here and on the XR650R yahoo group I would have been stuck and I learned that lesson. I'll be more carefull when I sing of a bad business your right they have to be stopped but, your thread had a great running bike once your Machanic got it right.....If he would have got it right you would have never wrote your thread....it just would never have gotten that far! That is the bottom line :awww: It was this thread that made me do my home work to find the best mechanic to work on my bike. I want it to be spot on with it's 680cc 11:1 copression piston, cam with longer duration and higher lift then the HRC, Corillo rod, Heavy duty cluch springs, over sized valves and all that goes with that...it came down to Baja Deisgns, Persission concepts or BarnumsPro. I picked Barnums because Rob had the best support and reputation on all the groups I read...did my home work and Now waiting for the results :thumbsup:

where you can find one of many Airtimes Threads about his miss fortune;


The XR's Only guys were smart and got on as newbies and gave XR's some good plugs back then..manager got up to 6 posts, some of his workers have two for the last 10 months! another got 4 and one got all the way up to 22 all on this thread!.......but, if you can keep this going this thread can brake 2000 veiwings :lol: thanks :lol:

Look at post #659733

I like your use of colors now...

My my... don't we all learn how to highlight our words, color them to be more pronounced....

it all looks so pretty. :thumbsup:

Cheers ... :awww:


I must admit you guys don't seem to like XRs Only. I have only had two dealings with them and both times they have been excellent!! Not bad considering that I live in the United Kingom (Europe). Both times have been telephone calls to ask for advice about carbs and jetting and on both occasions they have been very helpful and the information I received was accurate!! rjw@xr600sm.f2s.com

Are they a UK company? Because I just ordered a few things from Baja Designs, one of them being the XR's Only oil temp dipstick, and Baja said 2 days wait while they get them in, and it's been over ten days... hmm.

I like XRs Only... they've done ME no wrong. :thumbsup:

Call back and talk to Jeremy (@ BajaD)... Tell him you know me, John Jensen... and then tell him I'll come after him if he doesn't help ya out!! :thumbsup::awww:

I've got my quabbles about them too... and sometimes have lost patience with them. But I do a lot of business with them and get treated like royalty. Royalty only because I'm friendly with them and understand the issues they run into. But also... and MOST importantly, they've (Jeremy in particular and Chad prior) always ... and I mean, always have been honest with me!!!

If you do call, tell Jeremy I said "Hi!"

Glad to hear some good about XR's only, because I just ordered a bunch of stuff form them im counting on getting before I go back down to South America ! All the negitive posts had me worried .... :thumbsup:

The way I think of it sometimes...We all go to the supermarket just like we all ride xr's...the supermarket doesn't always have what we need either...yah know. I've gone through them twice and had no issues. However, their customer service skills could improve a bit....

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