I called XR’s Only

I see you have devol rad guards on ur BRP... I ordered them, But the holes don't seem to line up!!! I don't like they fit at all! did you have any problems getting yours to fit? :thumbsup:

Well two weeks ago I placed an order with XR's only. I order parts for my 04 L. Magnetic drain plugs for the frame and engine, Acerbis fork/disc guard, and Uni-Filter with cage.

This afternoon UPS came. To my surprise none of the items I ordered were in the package. The only thing in the package was Quick Change Front Wheel Spacer Kit $29.95

The invoice in the package reads (one Uni Filter $26.95, one Speedo Drive Replacement for XR400/600/650R $18.95), $11.51 for shipping. Total of $57.41

I called XR Only immediately and spoke with Gavin. Gavin said he couldn't find my original order. Gavin told me he'd call back in 10-15 minutes after he checked into my order.

I waited two hours for a return call. No return call so I called and asked for Gavin. Gavin told me he was sorry about the order being incorrect. He said there normal shipping guy had been hurt riding. The guy doing the shipping was new to the shipping department. Gavin told me they (XR's Only had been having problems in the shipping department since the shipping guy had been hurt).

After speaking with Gavin for a half hour on my dime no less. I was told again I'd get a return call to clear the situation up. No call as of yet.

I placed the order with XR's only after reading this post. I thought hey everyone one has and off day. I think from now on I'll use Baja Designs or my over priced Honda dealer 5 miles from my house.

I’m sure if need be my credit card company will take care of me on the charges. I wanted the parts I was promised.

Gavin told me today the Acerbis guards were no longer made in black for my bike (i was told they had black in stock when i placed the order. now they only come in white per Gavin) Acerbis website says they're made in black.

Sorry for the long read...

Yep, if you go and start at the begining (of this thread) and take out the newbie posts from XR's only....you have an over-welming group of riders that have got screwed by them, it seems that it is the other way around......every once and a while they have a good day :thumbsup:

That sucks, I was thinking about buying one of their exhaust systems... Not now.. thats for damn sure.

I ordered a gold excel front rim and spoke set from XR's only, and the guy on the phone was very nice and knowlegable, and told me that he did not have the gold rim in stock, but that he could get one in a couple days. The order just got here and it was only a couple days just as he promised, correct rim and spokes, and even the correct Bridgestone Heavy Duty tubes I had ordered, and a dual sport mirror. They carry a lot of cool stuff for the XR that I dont know where to get elsewhere.

I was directed to XR's only by someone on this site, so I hope they realize how much buiseness they can generate or lose by what people say here. So to be fair, I will say that in my 2 orders with XR's Only, they have been great. :thumbsup:

Cool... Glad to hear it.

BTW, did you order the dual sport "plastic" Acerbis mirror?? I have one I'd give ya!!! They're worth nothing but to make the bike legal. They vibrate worse than my girlfriends back massager!!

Here's what I ordered instead;


Only $17.00 and pretty decent for a working mirror.

Here's da link - http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/Mirrors.html

Yeah, I got the vibrator mirror ,wish I had known that before I ordered it :awww: I looked at that, and thought it might vibrate a lit, but for the lack of anything better got it.... Yours rocks, I will be getting that one soon :thumbsup:

That's $17 mirror looks like a good solution. I may have to get one too :thumbsup:

Ya... I thought so.

Several cons;

- out of the way

- won't catch wind

- vibration is at a minimum

- mounting spots are almost endless

- visibility is just a lift of the elbow

- legal for Dual sport


I ordered two...

and will try one on my DS650 Quad for Mexico highways... it sucks not having rear visibility when at speed. Those locals will pass with "Kamikaze" skills.


I sent my cylinder out to be bored/honed and ordered a new JE piston kit at the same time. The cylinder looked great, but the piston kit was only a piston, no wrist pin, rings, or circlips. I called them back and they said they would ship out the missing items. I received genuine honda parts and not JE. Is it bad that the brands do not match? The piston I got is a 100.5 mm and the closest thing honda would have is a 100mm from the 628 kit. I don't know if the rings will work.


I ordered mine on the 16th or 17th... he said he'd ship on or about the 21st/22nd... and nothing in the mail. He's one day UPS Ground from me. :thumbsup:

It'd work better if I had it in hand! I rode my bike in to work today (27miles) and had to look over my shoulder at 80mph on the freeway... sucks, and is pretty dangerous.


Why didn't you go through Baja D.? I mentioned your name to Jeremy. He hooked me up... :thumbsup:

Why didn't you go through Baja D.? I mentioned your name to Jeremy. He hooked me up... :devil:

:awww: might be a good idea. I just thought how easy it was to order... pay visa... and receive in the mail. Apparently not that easy.

I'm actually heading to BajaD today to pick up another battery for the XR (and charger)... so I'll see if he's got them.

Glad to hear he hooked ya up!!

It's the least I could do!! :thumbsup::lol:

I have not delt with XRsonly but I do have Good positive results from Rob Barnum and White Bros.And will stick to the posi replies and companies.Dobt if I'll deal w/xrsonly :thumbsup:.

Let me make sure you're all aware...

The mirrors are from 4strokesonly ... not XRsOnly ! And I called 'him' about my order. He was just swamped and promised to get them out asap. Too bad I was actually waiting on them for a 'street' ride last week... oh well, I rode without mirrors on the highway for 30miles each way. Not too cool.

Hopefully they'll be there today or tomorrow... and I'll install them, giving a simple ride report under a new topic. Would that help?!

Well I have 2 positive posts for companies. Temecula Motorsports (Temecula, CA)and Performance Motorsports (San Juan Capistrano, CA). Both companies I have repeatedly called and visited asking questions about how to work on my 01 XR650R. They have always been very helpful and courteous. Plus both have been very efficient at getting back to me ASAP on my questions. When ordering parts I have never had any problems at all. Delivery has always been on time. Many companies won't be as helpful because they want you to give them your bike to work on so they can charge you 100-300 bucks. Especially when it's something as easy as changing the pilot jet (thanks to all the people who helped me figure that out awhile ago on this TT forum). I would encourage anyone in the san diego/orange county area to go to these suppliers. Good people.

...To all customers and non customers who are willing to give XR's Only a chance I am offering a 20% discount on any order and a free T shirt. We do care and please accept our apology on this matter. And to the person who posted the message I would like an opportunity to make it up.

Thank You

Kamell Allaway


XR's Only

Well i've been wanting to do something about my stock carb with it's aggravating sticky throttle for a while now, and the 20% discount offer (and t-shirt! :devil:) knocked me off the fence. So I just ordered a TM40 replacement carb and throttle. FWIW the guy on the phone (Gavin) was real nice, so that's a good start. Said he was showing one in stock in which case it would ship today. Ok XRsOnly do me right! :thumbsup:

Fingers are crossed for ya. :thumbsup:

Whenever a company tells me they have "one" in stock, I always ask them to go and get it... hold it in their hand. And to put a note on it saying it's sold with my name on it. "One" in stock is always a scary number. Good luck!

Fingers are crossed for ya. :thumbsup:

Whenever a company tells me they have "one" in stock, I always ask them to go and get it... hold it in their hand. And to put a note on it saying it's sold with my name on it. "One" in stock is always a scary number. Good luck!

He (xrsonly guy) said the same thing about 1 in stock being iffy and offered to put his hands on it. I told him not to bother since I'm going out of town next week. It should be here about the time I get back either way.

But yeah, I'd appreciate it if you'd keep those fingers crossed anyway! :devil:


Does anyone else have;

Negative Companies --> companies to avoid!

Positive Companies --> companies that go the extra mile to help you and make sure that you are a satisfied customer?

I think we ought to have a list of good and bads to keep unknowing people from getting screwed.


Rocky Mountain ATV is awesome. Great service. There brand A.R.C. is quality stuff and affordable too.

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