I called XR’s Only

I have been following this thread also with much interest as I also have been considering using XR'S Only for the source for some engine modifications for my 650L so other customers experiences could definately influence my choice as to whether they would be a wise choice or not. Granted if I were to just base my decision on the amount of problems and customer service issues that have been posted here and in other places I would definately choose to use another company to deal with, with no second thoughts but I was impressed that the company manager took the time and effort to post here and try to at least try to address the issue and admit there have been some problems and actions supposedly have been taken to replace the weak links and eliminate the problem areas. I have worked in management for many years and it is possible that the scope and severity of the problems may have just came to his attention partly because of this thread and he deserves a chance to show whether his company and himself are up to the task of being known as someone that takes care of its customers and its reputation. I also work for one of the largest auto chains in the USA so I also know what type of problems can arise with a salesperson looking at a computer screen and "the inventory on hand" and guaranteeing the customer a part is in stock and will arrive or be shipped in a certain time frame and when the person goes to pull the order the part in actuality is not on the shelf, you have an instant customer service problem that needs to be dealt with right then and if you cannot source the part to meet the original deadline the customer needs to be contacted to decide what to do or how to proceed. I know in the location that I work in if the computer says we only have one or possibly even two then we do physically go put the part in hand before guaranteeing we have the part in stock and available and we have inventory specialist whose job is to try to keep the physical inventory on the shelf and the computer inventory the same and we still have problems at times. Yes it may take an extra few minutes sometimes to go lay your hands on the part right then but it saves a lot of hassles and time in the long run and prevents having disgruntled customers that take their business to our competitors because of the bad experience. Some of what I have written here is intended for XR'S manager to read both to help fix his problems but to also make him aware that there are people that are willing to take a chance in spite of the bad publicity and the recent past problems other customers have experienced but that his companies reputation is riding on how they handle their business from this point on and the internet is a great source of information that can either help you grow or make you a has been or used to be and this type of message board is where the people that share a common interest congregate to learn information. I do applaud the 20% discount and free t-shirt as a good faith gesture and that did help influence my decision somewhat to use your company for some needed services. Also as a last statement I have ordered from XR's only once in the past about a year or so ago for a small item and experienced no problems at all and my order arrived within a reasonable time frame and correct. Sorry this is so long but give the guy his dues as he at least seems to care enough to correct his companies reputation and problems here on a public forum. That should mean a little anyway!

Dude, paragraphs and periods would make that easier to read. :thumbsup:

I used to use XR's only for years but had very similar bad experience with them last summer. I was trying to order two sets of exhaust and headers. They lost my order, they never replied to emails, the stuff was suddenly backordered and kept telling me next week, next week, blah, blah, blah. After 6 weeks of this I canceled the order, they sounded surprised. HELLO!

They used to have great service, I'll never use them again.


I have ordered three times exaust system temp dip stick and mikuni carb wrong extra jets on the carb but other than that i've had good luck.

I haven't dealt with XR's Only, but I will give a big thumbs up to Malcolm Smith Motorsports- no problems and they kept me updated about my order through email.

I've heard good things about Malcolm Smiths also.

Here's my take on the "Online Purchasing" . I live out in the Middle East in the UAE and it is not easy getting parts , online being the only choice really. Not being "local " in the U.S.A doesn't help either particularly when you have problems. In most case I get the goods shipped to our company in the U.S and then either myself or a buddy picks them up on a business trip. The problem we have is when something goes wrong the vendor invariably doesn't give a shit because you are in another "world". I think this media is a good "help" in these situations, I mean there were something like 3500+ views of this string and that will seriously hurt the business of the non caring vendor because all these , or at least most of these viewers are passionate bike owners and in this case XR's . It takes a manager with big "cajones" to stand up to the plate and say " hey we screwed up, but we will fix it ". I think some good will come of this string.... good work guys .... protecting the interests of us "cash strapped" customers. :bonk: For me once you have added duties and shipping part are damn expensive!!! I can't afford any screw ups!!

Below are some of the vendors I have used and my opinions of them:-

Dirt Bagz - for my 650R - Excellent service, recommended to a friend and he used them , excellent service again

Bike Bandit - Riding Gear - Excellent service , prompt response to queries.

Billet Racing Products - Shark fin and Skid plate - Awesome friendly service , visited in person.

SRC - Fork Brace, Rad cap, Thermostat - Good service - Queried the fact that my Fork brace has bent after 3 mnths service - Immediate response , asked for photo as this seemed to be a first, I have sent them , awaiting result... should be interesting!! :thumbsup:

Trail Tech - Endurance computer and Lynx computer - Friendly service, had to phone in and got good service - I have a problem with the pickup on the endurance and have queried it about a week ago via mail - no response as yet.... hope it's not a case of "we got your cash.. your'e on your own now".... still waiting for response! :thumbsup:

TT Store - Sprockets, White Bros Pipe- Good efficient service , Pipe was out of stock and TT let me know wthin 2 days, I cancelled that order and they gave me proof of cancellation with a few hours

I have actually been to the XR's only shop, and boy, what a dump. Its just a little tin shack in the middle of nowhere. I used them cause they sell jets for my 650L and I would use them again. :thumbsup:

To all this concerns..

I am a Manager hear at Al Bakers Xr's Only and am suprised of the repsonse of a mistaken order. Over the past couple of days I have had my employees monitor the web board and reply. Now I have had a chance to read all of the replys. I do admit the main mistake on the whole issue is the customer

was not called back. That is a Big mistake. I would be upset too. The young lady that took the order failed to get the gentlemans phone #. So by the day the customer was expecting the shock spring he called and was told the bad news. "Im sorry we dont have the spring. If theres anything I can do I will do." We had a used spring that was offered to red lable to him. We do strive good customer service and do not like to make mistakes. If we do then we will fix them. Unfortunately this is do to untrained or entry level sales person or even shipper. It is hard to montitor everthing but try very hard to make sure a customer is taken of. SO here it is... We did make a mistake. I am sorry this happened. We did offer to fix this it was just too late. Here is an open invitation to all who read this. To all customers and non customers who are willing to give XR's Only a chance I am offering a 20% discount on any order and a free T shirt. We do care and please accept our apology on this matter. And to the person who posted the message I would like an opportunity to make it up.

Thank You

Kamell Allaway


XR's Only

does that offer still stand?

I can't believe that after the 15-20 post with exactly the same problems reported, the manager comes on with a post as though there was only one mishap and he is doing everything he can to make it right....It seems to me that XR'sOnly has quite a few appologies to address and a world of restructuring to do in the order taking and tracking proceedures....But like everyone else they won't wake up until the business is filing chapter 13.....I am not real smart but I think this could be a serious wakeup call for you Kamell Allaway XR's Only. If I were the owner I would be looking into hiring a manager...... :thumbsup:

I posted earlier in this thread and sort of stood up for XR'S Only and saying due to the managers response here on the board perhaps they did deserve a chance to show their customer service was above what had been shown in recent past.

Well I had planned to order some parts and services from them so I contacted them via e-mail on their web site with some questions concerning the order I wanted to make and it has been two weeks since I e-mailed them and I have had no response from them at all!

So I would have to say at this point and time that the managers response here on this board appears to have little if any validity to it at all. If they cannot even answer an e-mail that is sent through their own authorized site from a potential customer wanting to spend $$ with their company then as far as I am concerned if they do not seem interested in taking care of the customer even before they have their money they sure may even be worse after they have the money.

I guess it is time to start looking at other companies to fulfill my needs!

I have placed 2 orders with XR'S only and have received nothing. :thumbsup: That store sucks.

I don't know what's more disturbing;XR's only poor service or the managers pour spelling and punktuation? If they allowed a letter like that to leave the store, no wonder orders are messed up. I guess I got lucky w/ my dipstick, I'll think twise(twice) next time.

Does this mean I have little chance of seeing my temp/dipstick before mid-April?

I have placed 2 orders with XR'S only and have received nothing. :thumbsup: That store sucks.

LOL...XR's Only always send me my stuff...sometimes twice and sometimes not what I ordered....but once we get it straight all is well. Might try sending an E-Mail to Zamora. She'll get you taken care of. :thumbsup::confused::bonk:

:thumbsup: I was going to give XR's Only a shot but it ain't gonna happen now. Living in Canada and ordering U.S. you don't want any of these screw ups or the season will be over before you get your part. I'll stick with Baja Designs and Malcolm Smith Motorsports, they are super friendly on the phone and reply on e-mails quick. Any other good dealers out there for us Canadians? :bonk::thumbsup::confused:

Hmmm...well I guess since we're sharing XR'sOnly ordering experiences I'll share mine. I ordered a smog block-off kit and a backfire screen. I phoned in my order and indicated when I needed to have it. I got it in time.

Maybe someone walked my order through the system since I called and specified that I need it by a certain date?? What would have happened if I hadn't called?? Who knows...but I was satisfied with my experience. The guy on the phone was nice too.

:thumbsup: I was going to give XR's Only a shot but it ain't gonna happen now. Living in Canada and ordering U.S. you don't want any of these screw ups or the season will be over before you get your part. I'll stick with Baja Designs and Malcolm Smith Motorsports, they are super friendly on the phone and reply on e-mails quick. Any other good dealers out there for us Canadians? :confused::bonk::confused:

I have sent emails to Baja Designs on 3 separate occasions concerning stators. All three of my inquiries where promptly ignored.

I didn’t expect an immediate response, but I did expect SOME response, considering I have spent quite a load of $$$ with them.

I am less than impressed with the email return policy.

I have however ordered from them and I received my order quickly. There was an error on their part in shipping the order, I phoned them and and they handled it promptly.

Guess ya can’t have it both ways. :thumbsup:

shoulda called and not emailed i guess.

Here is your chance to tell the vendors what you believe to be good Customer Service

Anyone that emails w/ regards to orders or questions needs to expect a lag. I always call as my call gets handled as they really can't avoid a ringing phone. An email can lag and lag for days unanswered. Same thing goes for the workplace here. It's the "I'll get to it when I get to it attitude"....

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