Hey guys

i've noticed that most people with WRs lose alot of their stickers. i am beginning to lose mine as well and i was curious who all has lost their stickers and what they have done about gettin replacements or what not. and if i decide to buy replacements will any aftermarket company make better stickers than the stock yamaha ones? thanks guys.

Dohhhhhh ! :)

I am guilty of trashing my stickers/graphics. In a little bit, after getting my TT fix, I am going to look into getting replacement tank/shroud/fork/swingarm graphics. I have an idea of what I want but am still :D about it.


I am on my 2nd set of graphics. My bike just hit it's first b-day. I believe that you need to protect the bike as much as possible and graphics sure help the plastic!

Good Luck! :)

hey guys

i think they are falling off when i am washing my bike or when i coat it with a little WD40 and it causes the stickers to start coming off. i am only havin trouble with the WR426 sticker on the rear fender and the 5 titanium valve stickers on the side number plates. all the others r fine. does anyone know how much stock graphics from the dealer is? thanks guys


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