09 450 Piston Change - engine in or out?


The manual recommends taking the engine out before changing the piston.

I know on a Honda it was simple enough with the engine in. Is it posisble to change the piston with the engine in on a 09 450?

Well,,, its a pain to get the engine in and out, BUT it is far easier to do the top end with it on a bench. So pick your poison.

Yes it's possible. There are two head bolts that won't come out with the head sitting flat on the cylinder, but otherwise, it's no problem.

Be sure to understand and follow the head bolt torque procedure correctly.

I never pull an engine out unless I need to split cases. It is much less work to change the piston in the frame. If you don't have a big vice or a small engine stand then working on a bench isn't all that easy.

Having done it a few times now, Its takes me about 30mins to pull my engine. I find it easier to do motor work this way. I was trying with it in the bike before which lead me to more repairs. Everyone has their own way. But it really does not take much to get the motor out. You have to take your top motor mount out anyway, and then its its only 8 more after that. I have messed around for 15mins trying to get the cam cover on with the motor in...

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