Finally I put my plates on my WR426 and took her for a spin ON road!

I'll tell ya. I've never had so many puzzled looks from people in cars trying to figure out what I was on. "It looks like a dirtbike? Wait, I see flush blinkers and a plate!" lol. Finally I got to blast down a really nice dirt road off the highway that I've been passing every day for 2 years. Each time thinking, I wish I could rip that dirt road up on a dirtbike.

Needless to say I am very happy with my Duel Sport WR now. The Baja desings quick release kit looks trick and is extremely low profile. I added a pair of Bridgestone TW 301 and 302 tires with aggressive DOT approved treads. The really nice thing though, is now my bike doesn't sit in the garage waiting for that next load up trip to ride. I fill the gas tank and plan to just head out =)

Right on! :) Yep, it sure is a blast! :D The ultimate in versatility and go anywhere performance...

Glad you could join the club :)

CID...Where are you located?

Nevermind. Just saw your other post stating you are in Houston.

I'd pay real money to be up with you in Idaho right abouts now. It's FREAKING HOT HERE. :)


How hard was it for you to get a Texas plate.

I got a dualsport kit for one of my WR's but didn't want to put it on until I knew what the process was.

The ladies I talked to at the DPS and the tax assessors office where the DPS told me to call were absolutely no help whatsoever.

PM, email or call me on my cell 832-731-5994.

Thanks, Kelly

Hahahahhahahahahahahah, i've had full road reg since new from Yamaha, sure makes me feel comfortable :):D

Well to be honest, it was a pain in the arse. But only one part. This is what you need.

-Put your DS kit on...

-Get a safety inspection at gas station and get the green form 130u I think. They will give it to you. Mine only checked blinkers and highbeam, but they can make you sit there for 15 min with low beam on with engine off. So make sure your battery is charged.

-You need to get a "rebuild affid" from's a pretty simple form..just write on there what you did to make it DS. It has to be notorized.

The next...and biggest pain is the form "68a". It's a VIN# check form. The pain comes in that the ONLY people that can sign and fill it out are "Theft division detectives" with the DPS. There are a few others that can do the FBI :) but give me a break. Getting a hold of one of these dps theft guys took me over a week. I finally called the state dps and bitched because they would not call me back. I got a call 20 min later, ran down to local dps office and low and behold one was there. After they get the vin from your engine and frame, they will sign it. Go get this notorized.

-Next you have to fill out a new Certificate of get your title changed from "offroad use only" to on road use.

-Make sure you go with proof of INS as well. My ins through Geico cost $178 a year, it's high because I got "theft protection".

-Make sure you take cash or check with you as the dmv does not take CC's. I learned this the hard way.

That's it...

-Safty check green form

-Rebuild affidav.

-68a DPS theft guy vin # check form

-Certificate of title change app

-about $100 bucks

-proof of ins.

Glad I'm done.

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