streel legal wr450

Ive been looking around and have a question about making a wr450 street legal. I live in massachusetts and ive seen them riding around my town so i know they can get a plate but i would like to get assurance from anyone who has or anyone who lives in mass about what i need to do. Is it as simple as registering it and im good?

I read this in the FAQ section "98-02, 05+ are Green Sticker compliant. The 03-04 are Red Sticker bikes." so does that mean i can easily make any wr450 street legal as long as its not 03-04?

thanks for the adivce

my 01 yzf426 and 04 wr450 are legal here in maine...

As far as I have read, green sticker and red sticker are a California thing only and have no bearing on street legality at all.

What matters is state regs and DMV staff. Talk to other riders IN YOUR STATE and have done it recently. There are a ton of know it all's in other states who love to chime in and say "no problem" and others who talk big about having plates but they were registered from new and were done years ago. Been told that a dealer can apply for a title as new bikes don't come with one from the factory and a lot of WR's were plated that way. Around 2006 MOST states killed any chance of legally and easily converting using anything other than an offered OEM kit.

And anyone with a converted bike can and may get their plate pulled at any time unless it was done with an OEM offered kit.

Not saying they will, but it can happen.

There are still some states offering and easy registration and I think Michigan is still one of them. I know nothing about Massachusetts laws so I won't comment about that but you can get a Tusk brand kit for around $150 with basically everything you would need to be legal in it. What happens there is up to the govt.


anybody know the laws on doing this in indiana????

anyone from mass whos plated one?

I'm in the process now.

For mass you need a title to register it.

The hard part is the inspection sticker.

You need turn signals, brake lights, plate light, DOT

tires, hi/low beam, horn, mirror ect...

I'll let you know how I make out.

I bought my 03 WR450F from someone in Mass last year, it had a Mass title. Baja kit was installed to get it plated. I registered it here in Vt. no problem. The bike had been done by Billerica Motorsports & Marine. The hardest part of installing the Baja kit would be the stator (I had to do that part) and that is not a big deal.

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