wr450 stutter

i have a 03 wr450 that im having issues with a stutter/bog. whenever i crack it open it bogs then takes off. if i pull the choke it doesnt do it. does this mean i need to richen up the bottem end? if so how do i go about doing this? thanks for any info.

also. settings right now are 48 pilot jet, 168 main, 40 leak. stock needle on 3rd notch, grey wire, cut throttle stop, snorkle out, fmf pipe, uni air filter.

mate just had same trouble with mine,my mate the mechanic has it and the first thing is unplug the tps on the carby then do the zip tie mod on the accellerator pump linkage and that fixed mine.

Take a look at the top of the forum........

You needle a larger needle..

Not the needle....

This is what Stickys are made for.........

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