07' wheel on 03' forks...

I'm looking for a little help as I'm not so familiar with YZ/WR's.

I'm putting together a frankenstien front end using YZ450 forks from an 03' and a front wheel assembly (complete, spacer to spacer) from an 07'. I compared all the part numbers, hub, spacers, seals, and other bits are all the same. The only different part numbers between the two wheel assemblies are the bearings, axle, and axle nut (of course), well, and the rim too but that doesn't matter.

I was wondering if I can use a 07' axle on the 03' forks for the simplest route? I've heard that the 06' and up forks are spaced farther apart so I'm thinking, no. Which brings me to the question... since the only part numbers that are different between the two wheels are the bearings and the axle, then do all I need to buy is a bearing kit for an 03' to make this work?


Thanks for all the help,


Should bolt right up. You need to use the axle nut from the 03 I believe.

That's what I thought but it seemed a little wonky when I put it together - maybe I'm just being too delicate in my assembly attempt.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Use the '03 axle and bolt it in.

Yeah, it worked - I was just babying it too much.

Thanks for the help guys.

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