removing coolant reservoir??

my 2001 wr 426 uses, overflows, or loses 100 - 200 ml

of coolant every ride.

no white smoke.

new water pump seals inner and outer.

so i was thinking of removing the rad overflow

any suggestions?

Huh? I would think the opposite way then. If you "lose" coolant then why lose the recovery tank where it can pull coolant from.

Unless I'm missing something...

From what source is the coolant leaking? If the coolant recovery system is working properly, the coolant should overflow into the recovery tank as the engine heats up and then flow back into the radiator as the engine cools down. It sounds like there is a blocked, broken or pinched hose to the recovery tank. Find out why it is not working and fix it, but do not remove the coolant recovery tank.

Are you over filling it? Keep the overflow tank and let it do its thing?

Are you radiator fins smashed? Do you have good airflow? Even worse, are you abusing the clutch?

If you have excessive engine heat, you will lose coolant. You will lose even more without the overflow.

Don't remove the overflow. That's going to make things worse. You shouldn't lose any, unless you are filling your overflow tank to over capacity.

You'll have to figure out if it's overheating or burning it. Like mentioned check for pinches hoses, leaks, etc. Take your rad shrouds off and check the rads for damage. If they are crushed you'll need to replace them. If the fins are folded over you can buy a rad fin comb and straighten them. I washed mine out from the backside with a pressure washer and found a huge difference. (be careful doing this)

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