Rode a BRP yesterday not sure should I buy one??? Need help

I have a 2001 wr 250 right now have had a lot of problems with yamahas and love hondas. Do you get used to the wieght and are they much harder to ride in very tecnical sections, it seemed to lug much better down low so that would be a big benifit to the wr.I rarely drop bikes on any trail so picking up isn't a problem. I have been riding for 25 years and am a fast B slower A rider. Love to ride everything from tight trails to desert. Im 5'10 170lbs I want a bike that is fast, easy to ride and most of all reliable. What do you guys think should I sell my slow, light, blue finiky bike for a BRP? Every time I tell one of my buds Im looking at a BRP they go crazy and think Im insane to even think that I try to explain but they wont listen, Im hoping to prove them wrong. Thanks to all Im losing sleep :)


You do get used to the weight as long as you don't want to do MX style jumps. If you are in stuff that is so techincal that you have to always have one leg down to push off of obstacles you will need to do some squats to build up your leg muscles. :D

I rode at Nomads Park (southern AZ) today on my BRP. Had fun on single track, round track (slightly banked and very sandy) and the MX track. I was taking some advice, in order to get better with the technical stuff a little MX riding will help. Well I was worn out pretty quick but had a blast. Even got surprised by a double that looked like two huge whoops the first time around. Took a little bit of the padded handlebar in the chest protector. Stayed upright and learned to roll the whole track first. :D

Got some air on a tabletop and kept the nose up. Not big air, but had fun. Best thing about the BRP is on the trails it just rolls over obstacles like they aren't even there.

One time I got off course on the MX track (too much speed so I made my own course) and there was a folded up table on the ground in my path :) . Rolled right over that. :D

I'm 5'11" and 160-165lb and I love my BRP. I haven't ridden the WR so I can only talk about my experience on the XR650R. I have owned it since Jan 2001 and have only ridden woods trails and I love it. It can lug down where you need it to and just idle through anything and it still has the power and speed to do anything else faster than you want. (It's the trees that buzz by 3 inches from your handle-bars at high speeds that make me nervous and keep me at a reasonable speed on trails. But on trails with no trees or roads the sky's the limit!) Your old riding buddies will be surprised at how well you can manuver it compared to what people expect with the weight. I jumped from an xr200 to my XR650r so I was expecting a huge weight difference but was very surprising because I felt more comfortable on it than I was my 200.

Oh well, Honestly though I haven't ridden a bunch of other bikes so I am just telling you that I have one and like it and ride the same conditions you are asking about.

But since you want an honest opinion from my observation most of the riders on the XR650R is desert racers/riders. That may be just because most are from CA and that is the main type of riding but I don't know I am from TN/AL and I haven't ridden over there. The people that can afford multiple bikes use the BRP for open riding and something else for Trails in the 400cc range. In my opinion I can only afford one and I feel the XR650R is well rounded for me. My opinion is "Bigger, Better, Faster, More" and if your are physicaly fit weight of the bike will not be an issue. If it is, just keep riding and think of it as a workout and pretty soon it won't be an issue anymore!

I would love to try a CRF 450 on trails for kicks just because I hear alot about it but haven't seen one where I ride. Its an MX design bike obviously. If you want the pure trail, torque monster the BRP will satisfy your every need. (JUST MAKE SURE IT IS UNCORKED [it's cheap] BECAUSE IT IS SERIOUSLY RESTRICTED STOCK)

That just my opinion.

Hope This helps, JT

Actually, the weight of the 650R for trail riding is no big deal for your size. I'm about the same size as you are, and I've noticed no problems handling the bike. However, it does not turn as quick as a YZ426 or something like that. But on the plus side, the XR650R is bulletproof reliable, has MASSIVE amounts of torque when "uncorked", and handles superbly for a 300lb bike.

I use my bike for dual sport, around town commuting, tight mountain trails, twisty and rough 4x4 roads, and blasting wide open in the desert of southwest Tx. The bike can do it all very easily. And it won't break! So yes, it's a very good choice in my opinion.

L.L. :)

Thanks guys I still dont know but all of your advice is helping any one else around my size ride BRP's? I would love to buy one and keep my wr250

Sell the 250 and buy a WR450 -

Sell the 250 and buy a WR450 -

Right! Then ride it 10 miles into the knarley terrain and have the woodruff key snap off on you! Seriously! If you go the WR 450 route, go with a 2004. Go read the WR450 Forum. There are guys there that have had more than one woodruff key failier. It's a great bike, just has a serious flaw. I have a buddy I ride with who got one and has not had a single problem...but!

If I was you I would get the BRP, get used to finessing it (it handles great, you do not have to man handle it) and show your riding budz the tail end of yer scoot. It's THAT good of a bike. :):D

I used to live in Colorado. I would consider a dual-sported BRP to be the ultimate go anywhere do anything bike for out there. The top triple clamp, bars, and suspension have to be modified though. That being said, I would never consider it to be a replacement for my CR250 for strictly off road, bark buster, only passible in one direction, good old wicked CO. single track. I'm 6'1" and 210lbs.

Sure, the BRP can work in the tight stuff but it is not ideal for most people. You do get used to the weight and size. Switching back and forth really makes the BRP feel like a BRP.

Defintely loose the WR. Watch for a clean old 250 YZ or CR. You can buy them cheap and they are tough. Put a BIG flywheel weight on it and set it up for offroad. :)


My brother and nephew ride WR400's and they say my BRP is easier to ride and handle. The weight is towards the bottom center of the bike. The Yamaha tends to be a bit top heavy.

I have had mine for a little over a month now and love it. Uncorking it is a must although. :)

Ahhh yes.. CR250.. Man, I sure miss that bike. I had a '91 model, that was before the AF. But it was one fun machine, and held up great. I rode the crap outa that bike for 8 years, pretty much wore it out. Sure miss it. But I ride a BRP now, and yeah it's more powerful and dual sported, but still, my old CR250 was really a blast, really light and very snappy!


I went from a 97 CR250 to the BRP. Like everyone has said it hides its weight quite well. Its no motocross bike but you can still have fun on a track with it. Everywhere else I enjoy the BRP much more than the 250. I recently got back from a ride in cloadcroft, NM(moutain trails)and the BRP was heavenly. There were several places where lower gearing would have been nicer but the thing lugs down so low it was fine. If you ride nothing but tight technical trails, there are other bikes that work better. It can occasionally be fun to start after a fall, but if you follow the ritual described several times on this forum it will usually fire without to much trouble. I can't think on another bike I would rather have(if I am limited to one)

Try to find one to ride for several hours and you will be sold. Good luck on trying to sleep.

DrDirt :)

I wouldn't buy a BRP unless you want to haul ass. It's a great desert bike and good dual sport bike. If your strong enough you can do anything with it. Personaly I like the DRZ400E for most of my riding. I'll ride it over the 650 anyday. But when it comes to long fast open desert the XR650 is King. :)

I agree with Dutch, sort of. I don't know about the 450, but I LOVE my WR 400 ('00). My buddy has a BRP and we have ridden together alot. In tight/medium single track the WR is worlds better. He gets it done on BRP, but even he's jealous. In drag races we're even up until 70mph, then he takes off. :) When it's hot he's got one of those camelbacks and during breaks he's sucking on it to save his life. I don't even bring water, so I know he's working far harder. Look into a bigger blue pig than what you've got.

Bought my pig un corked it and it is incredible!!! If you had as many major problems with yamahas as I have you would understand, your buddy must have a stock pig, with my pig time and time again roasts my buddies wr426 by a full bike length by thrird and then takes off like my buddy is ridding a sears scooter. Scince I bought mine my buddy that rides a KTM 250, and one that rides a KTM 300 are thinking of joining the sport of ridding pigs. I use much less energy through rocks and tight sections because of the wieght sticking and tracking through where as a lighter wr250 deflects and bounces, plus every root or hill I went up with the Yamaha Im worrying about smashing my piston into the valves, did that once, no auto cam chain tensioner like the XR, and blew up a stock clutch basket, Not on a honda XR these issues happening on my pig are slim to none, not saying it doesn't have some small quirks but look at the yamaha forum its broken this, need one of these everywhere you look. Here its little stuff and frankly almost boring but thats good people are screaming down the Baja and ripping through woods and talking about how much fun they had ridding a farm animals. :)

Pig's as all XR's are made to last. Like I said earlier I would rather ride the DRZ for most of my riding but If I could only have 1 bike I would take the Pig. It's big fast and dependable.

Like Carlisle stated the pig does very will in the rock. It just plows threw everything you put in front of it. BUT It really sucks in the sand :) If it had wings it would fly but I have problems with a heavy bike in the sand.

I thought the Oinker sucked in the sand till I put a Tera Flex hoof (140/80 Type two) on it. Now it's a nimble Javalina. :)

I actually thought it was terrific in the sand dunes. It's no good for going slow in the sand or on deep sandy trails with twisty turns, but I've had a blast on my bike in the dunes while riding mostly in 3rd or 4th gear and that's with the stock tire size. Once you get the speed up, it floats nicely and tracks pretty well.

i ride alot of sand on my pig, only complaint is digging the front in when you let off the gas, stay on it and it goes anywhere, corners nice too and i havent found anything i have tried that it wont climb. BTW, i would really like to see these supposed blue bikes that outrun the brp stock, remember, uncorked is stock everywhere but north america. only yamaha i have ever seen that would beat my pig is a yz490, and they havent made it in years. bring on the yamahas. like qadsan said, you cant go slow on these bikes, they really show their weight under 5 mph, but who wants to ride that slow anyways? congrats on the pig, ride the bag off it :), JR

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